Chronic Hives, HELP!

I am posting this here, because I am willing to travel WAY beyond Frisco if I can find a doctor that can help me with this.
I am desperate for help! I have dealt with chronic idiopathic urticaria (hives, for no known reason) off an on since I was a pre-teen. They are NOT allergy related. I have been to numerous allergy specialists over the years and they always conclude I am not allergic to anything. I do have autoimmune issues and I strongly believe it is related to that. They always seem to start when I am under high amounts of stress, then they gradually get worse every day until I am covered head to toe and they continue for a year to two years, daily and then they end up going away as mysteriously as they appeared. Different things I consume do exacerbate them or make my throat/face swell up like NSAIDs, aspirin and certain foods, but allergy testing proves I am not allergic to those things (and when I am not dealing with hives, I can consume those things with no issues). I am trying to figure out what kind of doc to go see and if anyone else has dealt with this and had a doctor be able to get it under control. I haven't dealt with them in over 6 years, but they just started up again 2 weeks ago. I am thinking maybe I need to see an immunologist? I have gone through this so many times, I feel like going to an allergist would be a complete waste of time, as it has in the past. Has anyone here dealt with anything like this and had success with any kind of doctor treating it?? I really appreciate any suggestions/referrals! If you have a specific doc in mind that can help, please post the info here.

Thank you!!


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I don't have an immunologist recommendation, but that sounds like the right direction if you have been allergy tested before with no reactions. I get stress-related hives across my chest and throat, but they disappear within several hours or a day, max, of the stress trigger, with a lot of ice cold water and relaxation breathing. Since you have autoimmune issues, hopefully a specialist in that field can help you get some relief! Hugs!


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I would check with a dermatologist first, and immunologist second. If you have a primary care physician, I would check with them for referrals.
Please try taking the Cimetidine 200mg everyday as suggested in the Q&A forum. It should stop or at least calm the non-allergic hives until you can find a doctor to offer some other suggestions. I know it is frustrating and painful. Google antacid for hives.
You are allergic to SOMETHING, but it may not be easily identifiable or avoidable. Something is triggering a dermal histamine release. You can stress yourself into hives or be like my kiddo who is allergic to cold. The fact that you have an auto-immune issue means that your immune system is amped up and ready to take on everything it sees a bodily threat. Whether it is real or not. It could even be a unavoidable virus or bacterial contact.

I know this, it is easier to stop and reverse hives than it is to reverse them after they have gone full body. Once your immune system goes full body hives it takes some time to calm the waters and return to normal. My suggestion would be to be armed with steroids and anti-histamines to attack an outbreak immediately rather than wait for a DR appt. Frankly, if they have not identified the trigger by this time they probably will not.

There are also steroid creams that will reverse the hives immediately.

Best wishes.
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Hives are common among those with autoimmune disorders...lupus being one with which some are familiar. Hives break out during autoimmune 'flares'. If you know you have an autoimmune disease, you should find a competent rheumatologist to treat the cause. Dermatologists will treat the symptoms, but not he cause.


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I'm not a doctor (obviously) and I've never experienced chronic hives.

I had some weird reaction (allergist said it was hives) about 4-6 years ago. I was putting out some bulk mulch that I got from a place locally in the front flower beds my hands felt like they were on fire as I washed them in water to clean up. The next day I ended up getting a small rash on my legs, chest, and forearms. After a few visits to specialists (ER clinic and an allergist in the Frisco Baylor location), the allergist told me something triggered an issue with my mast cell.

He gave me some xyzal (almost certain this is the name of the drug), cleared things up in a few days but I still took it for a few weeks just in case.

Looking on google for chronic hives treatment, there is a shot xolair, have you tried this?