Christmas day meal

We are doing something different this year. Looking for a place to eat out on Christmas Day in Frisco. Crazy, I know, but looking for ideas of who may be open on Christmas Day to feed my family.
Yep, Buca and a few other places in Plano is about all I am finding local. I just hope we all can agree on the cuisine. May have to rethink this no cooking, give momma a break on Christmas Day thing.
Order from Central Market or Market Street and pick up Chrisrmas Eve. Get some festive paper plates and disposable serving platters and trash it after meal. No cooking or clean up required.
Hope it was good! We did our prime rib dinner on the 23rd family, so yesterday we stayed in jammies and were lazy - Jack in the Box for dinner, lol.
#11 was terrible!! They were running close to one hour behind on all reservations, we finally get seated and the waiter proceeds to tell us the kitchen is way behind so will be a long time before we get our food.

Only thing good were the salads. They were out of chicken parm. (the only thing one of my kids would eat) baked ziti came out piping hot, but with dollops of cream cheese all over the top, looked horrible, did not eat that. Chicken pasta was luke warm. Could not even eat the garlic bread because of the over whelming chunks of garlic on it.

At one point we were the only table in our area, all others had cleared out, but they weren't seating any of the many families still waiting outside for their reservations as well.

Buca is usually good, however this experience ruined it for us.

Next year................taking a trip, I guess, because momma still isn't gonna cook for Christmas day!!

I was as pleasant as I could be to the hostess and waiter as they were overwhelmed and did not see this as their fault at all.


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My guess is you will run that risk regardless of how far you drive. If you are a cook at one of the few restaurants that chooses to be open on Christmas day, you probably aren't too happy about it. They likely had quite a few people calling in sick and ended up with a skeleton kitchen crew that may have some non-kitchen staff filling in.

Sorry you had a bad Christmas dinner experience and hope next year is better.
What a bummer - they are usually pretty consistently good. I'm sure JJ is right and they were just underwater and the people that did come in weren't happy about it.

I think next Christmas I'm just going to plug in my crockpot after we open gifts and do a roast, or a pot of chili - not really cooking, just a little stirring every few hours!


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There aren't many options for Christmas Day unless you want to pay a premium to dine at a hotel, steakhouse or other upscale location (that generally have better quality control and service). I would call around about a week before Thanksgiving and find out which restaurants are open on Christmas Day. Other options you might look into is catering services, or choosing to dine out on Christmas Eve instead.