cholesterol levels part 2

Just wanted to give you some feedback of recent results.
Hope it helps a little

Data showing below :
Test and the expected/normal level with the < >

First number is from around 1st Dec 2016, Weight 165
Second number was from 20th Jan 2017, Weight 155

Im in my mid 40's

Cholesterol <200

Triglycerides <150

HDL >39

LDL Calculated <100

Risk Tatio <3.55

So back in December, this was a bit of a shocker
Doctor says it could be genetic
-We have no hope of finding that out with my parents
+ I do not think they were even tested much >1 generation ago to form a long term and accurate study on genetics ( my opinion )
There will be no results on my family

I told Doctor, had been under crazy stress over past two year and that lead to unhealthy eating and lack of exercise
This was the only real change over a number of years
-However I also suggest keeping out of the politics seciotn, on FOL, reduces stress. lol

Doctor did put me on lipitor generic

So after the early December test
Cut out read meat, bacon
Gym for around 70 minutes a day, 5-6 days a week. Walk to gym if not too cold, that another 2.5miles, there and back
Had the most healthy Christmas period of my life..booooo

In January, I have done no alcohol, no meat products, since around 2012
Breakfast was
2 eggs on a Sunday
Or rest of the week
Plenty of oats(old fashioned) with fresh fruit as breakfast or a smothie, added Walnuts, Ground Flax to smoothie

Generally for luch
Wife made some homemade veg / bean soups
Sandwich, packed with salad and a slice of cheese on good bread (not white sliced ) for lunch, avacado or hummas in exchange for mayo

Purchased no food with Partially Hydrogentated Oil in product list
Had one take away

Dinners were (to name a few ) Veggie Tacos, Veggie Burgers, Veg Chilli, Curry ( Indian or Thai )

I will re-introduce some of the not so healthy stuff ( but not lots ) and see what my results are on my next test ( End May )
Doctor said, stop with the meds

Hope all else following this thread and continue to make improvements in their levels


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Am I reading that correctly, first test numbers were less than 2 months ago? That's a huge improvement in a little bit of time!

I changed my diet a few years ago (mostly paleo), I'm curious to see how my numbers have changed compared to last year. I get a wellness exam every year for insurance discounts. My numbers were never alarming though, just changed things up to eat healthier and lose a little weight.