Chillax - It was just the Eagles

Before everyone starts making room in the trophy case for the Lombardi, let's keep in mind it was just the Eagles. And frankly, the Cowboys made too many mistakes to have the game be called "Championship" play. Great finish and nice to see Witten get the final catch.

So relax with me, in a warm bubble bath of Jerry Juice. We'll light some candles, play some soothing music and melt away in the glow of the Cowboys.
I am taking it one game at a time. In the NFL today with almost all teams being equal you are one or two calls or plays from victory or defeat.


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Eagles are always a tough game, as are any of the division rivals regardless of record or how they seem to be playing at the moment.

Eagles were blitzing a lot as they usually do. Play calling should have compensated for that, throw some screens, adjust blocking etc. They didn't run enough and tried to force it to Dez too much. Was kinda frustrating to watch most of the game. They did great in the end and that's how good teams win. How many times have you seen Brady or Manning in a close game and go down the field and win it on the last drive or in OT? No, I don't think this team is there yet but they can be a great team if they keep it together.

Prescott needs the experience and getting the game time in. I think next year he could be awesome. Defense needs to keep it together too. They lost Church and Claiborne so luckily they have the Browns next week. The defense might fall back for the next few weeks.


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The only logical explanation is that since we lost to the Giants, we have not dressed in Cowboys apparel nor used Cowboys beer coolers. We will go with that for now.
This season is so stupid, especially the ties, that it would not surprise me if we lost to the Browns

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Been meaning to ask, W T F happened to Michigan the wheels feel off after the way things ended last season :haha: