Cellulitis from an undetermined sting/bite


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So, little Skipper got what they think is a spider bite on his knee. The school nurse drew a circle around the initial redness which spread past the circle last night and this morning.

Carenow said it is cellulitis. Steroid shot and antibiotics today and a followup in the morning. He seems all right right now, other than it is very tender. Fortunately the redness has stopped spreading. His brothers managed to avoid such a bite so this my first time dealing with this.

Any other parents deal with this particular kind of ouch?
Antibiotics is a good call if suspect spider bite. Keep a close eye on the swelling and redness, and if either increases, I would have a follow up for more antibiotic treatment. Is there any open areas or oozing?


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After shower this morning it opened and was oozy, but it looks much better. He went back to school today because the swelling is going down.


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Keep an eye on it when it gets oozy because that is indicative more of abscess style skin infections. Both my sons would get cellulitis from any kind of bug bite. Over the years we have even ended up in the ER with IV antibiotics because their reactions were so quick. That said, you will now have to be mindful of if the little one will react this way to any bite or if it was a spider bite that did it.

My sons take generic allergy pills so that if bitten, it limits the body's histamine reaction. I also make a baking soda paste (water and baking soda to paste consistency) and liberally smear on site (as long as there are no openings in the skin). This tends to cool the area and draw the infection to a point rather than spreading (can do this 4 times per day but make sure the pen outline stays for point of reference), wait for the baking soda to get kinda dried out/cracked then just gently dust off the baking soda (now powder) and lightly wipe clean. Finally an application of hydro-cortisone cream (as directed). However I will say that sometimes it doesn't matter what you do, a doctor's visit and antibiotics will be necessary.

Always err on the side of caution...as our kids are priceless originals ;)

Glad to see the little one is on the mend!
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We have a couple of badboy spiders in the area - Black widows and Brown recluses. They are literally everywhere, but they seem to like school benches and play areas so it's not surprising to see kiddos get a bite. Seldom too serious, but painful and ugly.

Hope the little one feels better and it's a good idea to keep some bendryl or claratin around to take upon bite to help minimize the bite's impact.


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Thanks DtF. He's just about all healed up now. I've been in Texas since 1978 and have three sons. None of us, until now, has ever had anything like this happen. We've obviously been super lucky, since it's more common than I'd first thought!