Carpet Stretching - who to call?


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We need our carpet stretched in quite a few places before we have it cleaned. I did a search and came up with the following, but all were back over a year ago:

1. Winston Chamberlain - 972-727-5647

2. Johnny @ J & H Floors

3. The Floormender Inc. out of Allen
Kevin Benton 972-375-8067


Any other new options to add to the list above?

Thank you!
I have been using Winston for almost 20 years now, and the friends I've referred to him and myself have always been completely satisfied...good guy to boot.


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Well, you just saved me from searching for names on FOL! I knew I'd know the name when I saw it and was needing to call him in the next few days... It was Winston Chamberlain that we used several years ago and were very happy with.


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Carpet sometimes develops ridges that need to be stretched back out in order to be flat again. My first house never needed it for the 16 years we were there. New house needed it a couple of years in (still does). Can anyone give me an idea on how much this should cost?


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Winston! We used him 2-3 times for one of our rental properties. He is great.. always early and does a great job.