Buying Ranger tickets


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What is the best source for Ranger tickets or which service gouges the least?
Family coming to town want to see Boston take a beating.
Stubhub is pretty good. Or call the ballpark for tickets.

Boston will be popular.

I think they are 7:05 start times, but I would still want the shady side.
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I went with stubhub and didn't feel like I was getting ripped off. I did go with expensive tickets (to me at least) since I was taking my mom to her first and probably only Rangers game she will get to go to. She still tells me it was one of the best times she has ever had. She loves baseball.


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Thank you. It looks like Stubhub is the way to go.
I guess I have never paid for a Rangers ticket. I always got them from vendors. I wish that was as common as it used to be.
Thanks again
The Rangers through out tons of special pricing. So if you haven't already bought them and know the date, look for deals. I got $10 upper deck behind home plate one Tuesday plus $10 parking. We ended up in the first level about 15 rows off the field. Good luck and if it's a weekday game, plan plenty of time for the drive there. The Bush south of 635 is a nightmare.