Building standards in Frisco to change under recently passed law - Community Impact Newspaper

"Our residents have come to expect a level of standard - I'd say that the people that live here appreciate the fact that the city has held to these high standards - Under the new law, the city will not be able to hold developers to a higher standard - We believe our best practices enhance our reputation for building the best place to live in America" - Mayor Jeff Cheney

"Removing city requirements could lessen the aesthetic integrity Frisco has carefully considered in its planning - It worries me that these destination spots with historical feels are just going to look kind of normal - We don't want our cities to look normal, we want them to look exceptional and strive to be something other than a cookie cutter type thing you might see somewhere else" - Rep. Justin Holland

"Where there was beauty, they brought ugliness. Where there was order, they brought chaos. Where there was national identity, they brought global sameness. Where there was the natural, they brought the synthetic. A healthy society understands that objective beauty exists. When it comes to beautiful architecture, function follows form. Beautiful buildings change their uses; merely functional buildings get torn down. It's the beauty of the architecture which attracts successive generations to look after it, material strength alone will not save it for posterity."

"We used to construct beautiful buildings which followed tried and tested principles. Built with robust natural materials and details created by craftsmen. It is time we revived our much loved architectural traditions and reject the soulless synthetic practices of recent times. We must create places our ancestors would recognize and our descendants will be proud of. We must reject modernism and embrace tradition. We must stand for beauty, tradition, heritage, identity, order and craft" - Happy Acres