British Lion


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I went there for the first time with a date about two months ago. I've never been to London, so you might have to take this with a grain of salt. I got a sandwich of some sort, Date got the fish and chips. We both agreed the food was yummy. The pricing was about right for being around the square(A little pricey for what you get). They had a good selection of beers on tap, I got a delicious porter that was recommended by the waiter. Date had a Guinness. They have three dart boards available to play. It has a nice vibe to the place. That's about all I can say about the pub :toast:


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fish and chips at the British lion are excellent. They are Beer battered with Newcastle brown ale. Fish is very flakey. I think you will find them comparable to london fish and chips.
As a Brit myself I would have to say that the food in the British Lion is pretty bad.
So where is it good? I spent a month in England back in high school days and remember the fish n chips being the highlight of my trip. Where can we find authentic tasting ones in our area.


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I'm sure you might be joking, but honestly, if you think the food in England is bad you're really not trying very hard. Things have come a long way.

One of the most interesting things I've noticed is eggs. The eggs over there actually taste like eggs, with rich dark yellow yolks. The eggs here seem dull by comparison. I still love 'em though.


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Yeah I'm a Brit too, and won't eat at the lion. You can't get comparable fish n chips here, at all. BUT, my American husband eats a lot when we go out. He really like the F&C at Gordon Biersch, and he says Lazy Dog's were pretty good too.