Bon pour vous, France! France legalizes gay marriage.

Here is an interesting non-sequitur.

There has been quite a bit of talk about sin and the Bible. I still don't think our government needs to consult holy books when determining law.

However, I find it interesting how this application to Biblical prohibitions is so very selective.

The Bible states that pre-marital sex is a sin (if one holds that fornication is defined as sex between unmarried people).

Yet, I just read a statistic stating that 97% of Americans have sex prior to marriage. Pre-marital sex is not illegal. It is shown or alluded to in movies and TV shows.

Yet, there is no outrage. Very little "repentance" or regret. Nobody feels particularly bad or worried. There is the occasional movement aimed at teens but move beyond high school and everybody makes the unspoken assumption that what consenting adults decide to do is their business ..... consenting heterosexuals, anyway.

Do you regret that you weren't a virgin on your wedding night (assuming you were in the 97% that were not)? Honestly? I don't think many do, regardless of whether or not they are Christian.

People like to pick on the "sin" of gay sex because it isn't one that affects the majority of people. It is so easy to pontificate on the sins of others.

Don't obfuscate the issue by saying sin is sin.... not unless you have the same level of moral indignation and personal heartfelt regret over pre-marital sex. There is that whole "log in your own eye" thing....

As stated, I do not think gay relationships are inherently sinful nor do I think pre-marital sex is either. But I thought considering the parallels to how both issues are dealt with so very differently would make an interesting hypothetical.

Sex can be loving or hateful, super fun or frightening, offered freely or forced. Context is everything .