BBQ Advocates - Here Ye Here Ye!

Look DILLWAD........


This thread is THE longest on FOL for a reason. It's not about criticizing someone else for their choice of BBQ but celebrating all that is good that brings us together.

If you want to be a jerk, keep it to the political section.
You love posts from asockfullofyum. Gives you an another opportunity to defend and dig deeper in the good ole boy club.

Here's the real lesson you don't seem to understand...
Respect works both ways.

In my experience, there are no sanctuaries.

You could look at it as positive criticism instead of focusing on the poster.
Also, try the ignore feature.


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It turned out moist and tender. Yeah the seasoning was a little much but it had cayenne pepper in it which was great for me not so much for my wife. I'm going to chop up some of the leftovers and it should make some great tacos if you like spicy.

Reading some of the forums is there nothing that people won't put in a smoker. I think my first non meat dish might be smoked macaroni and cheese but who knows what I may find.
What is that to the right?


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Fatties are a-ok on the Atkins diet 😊
I'm a huge fan of smoked salmon. I saw a thing on Diners, driveins and dives, where they smoked coleslaw for the top of brisket and slaw pizza. Looked so good!
Not BBQ, but too good not to share. My take on the Philly beef sandwich, I call it the Texas beef sandwich. I spice it up with pepper jack cheese and jalapeños, using shaved ribeye steak.

Haha, yeah I was thinking that while eating it today. Hirsch's meat market posted on their weekly flyer that they had shaved ribeye on sale for $15.99 a lb. Knowing about Philly steak sandwiches, I knew that shaved ribeye was the meat used by the best places, so I thought this was a good time for me to give it a try and put my own spin on it. In one pan I started sauteing onions, bell peppers and jalapenos. Once those were near cooked to my liking, in another pan I added the shaved ribeye with salt, pepper, garlic salt, and a few splashes of Alegro beef marinade and cooked over high heat until all the pink was gone. Then in yet another pan put a sandwich sized amount of meat, added a couple slices of pepper jack cheese and the buns on both sides and covered with a lid to melt the cheese. Once it was melted, I added a bit of mayo to the bottom bun, added the beef and cheese, then topped with onions, bell peppers and jalapenos. It was a huge hit with the family. We recently had gone to Kenny's burger and all got the Philly beef sandwich and everyone agreed that this was much better.

The sale on the shaved steak is good till Wednesday I believe. Go get you a pound or two of it and give this a go. I'll definitely be doing it again soon.