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I need to find a new bank.

Citi bank is changing to BB&T

I know there was an old post about which bank is better.

I cant find it.
My wife works at BB&T and it is a FANTASTIC bank!!! Why do you want to get a new bank? I can give you her information if you want to reach out to her...let me know. Thanks...
If you are eligible USAA is a great bank. I don't pay any fees and gets 5 ATMS per month from other bank reimbursed. I have been a member for over 25 years and hands down they are the easiest bank I have ever worked with.

Now the bank is in San Antonio but these days that is simply not an issue. The few checks we get I can deposit immediately with my bank App. I have been paying bills online with them since 1999.


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Thank you guys

We do most of our banking online. I don't write any checks. I pay my bills with Citi MasterCard or Amex.
then I pay those monthly.
I was so happy with CITI. I have all their credit cards.
Their online banking was great. so was their customer services.
I am not familiar with BB&T.

My DH travels a lot. he does a lot of ATM withdrawal. I am not sure about International wires or transfers. Some banks charges $40 for that.

I guess I will give this BB&T few months to see how things are going.
In the meantime I will check the other banks you all mentioned.

Thanks again
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We have been with Capital One for a long time but had thought about Wells if we ever moved. Had not heard their on-line banking was bad - what part is bad? Just wondering, thanks!


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I've been with Wells since they bought Wachovia and have had no issues....and without going into detail I use just about every possible product they offer to consumers.

ETA: I've had both BoA, Wachovia, and Wells over the years and have found the online banking to be fairly comparable at all of them.


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If you are able, we are happy with Fidelity. It is a brokerage, not a bank, so you really need to have a brokerage/investment account with them first. Don't know if this is something you can do or want to do.

Alongside your brokerage account, you can have a "Cash Management" account that works as your checking. It can be linked to you other accounts, refunds ANY and ALL ATM fees automatically. Fidelity is a brokerage, so they do not work in cash and therefore there are no ATMs. Hence the need to refund the fees. You say you don't write checks, but checkbooks can be issued on any of their accounts. You can do deposits via your phone.

I can do bill pay with the account, there are credit cards available (don't have one, no review there).
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Texans Credit Union, been with them for over 30 years. Great services, great loan rates, etc. I use online banking daily...along with well designed phone/tablet app.


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You might consider Cadence Bank. They are a growing regional bank that is expanding in Texas. They have great customer service. The downside is that they are not in the Dallas area yet, although I've heard they are looking at buying a local bank to get a foothold here and then expand from there. However, if you and your spouse do most of your banking online and use ATMs a lot, they are worth considering.

They allow you to use their ATM card at any ATM machine and then they automatically reimburse your account for any ATM charges by the bank whose ATM you used. Every time I use my ATM card, the next day there is a credit in my account for whatever the ATM charge was. Cadence doesn't charge for using their ATM card, so you're only looking at the charges associated with the ATM itself, which are the charges Cadence reimburses.

You can also use their app on your phone or tablet to deposit a check to your account by taking a picture of it, rather than actually having to drive to the bank and wait in line to make a deposit. Online banking lets you pay bills easily too.

We have used Cadence for several years and kept them when we moved to Frisco last year. Even without an actual bank location here, we haven't had any problems and have been very pleased with them and their service. Although I like to do business locally when possible, I also like to be loyal and keep doing business with somebody who has consistently given me good service.
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