Backyard Office


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We are buying a place on 1.5 acres. Rather than converting a bedroom into a study, I wanted to look at putting an office in the backyard somewhere to give me a bit of separation from the doorbell, dog barking, etc. There is a lot online about tiny houses, but I dont need a bathroom/kitchen, nor do I want to spend $50k on the thing. I literally would be fine with something 8x10 with basic finish out and power so I could run my computer, phone, and some sort of HVAC or window unit.

Does anyone know of anything around here that would fit my needs?
Find a metal shed. Like a Morgan building. Metal sheds are cooler than wood. As long as you’re installing a window unit AC - you’ll keep cool & warm. Make sure it has a heater setting too. Sometimes you can get lucky and find a used version of their office buildings. Regular doors/windows/paneling/floors/wired for lights & outlets, some have AC. Sometimes they get lease or finance returns. Start at Morgan. I bought one years ago off their I-35 location.


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Go have a chat with the Frisco Building permit folks. Contact the county appraisal district as well.
Since you are making changes outside the footprint of existing improvements to the property, there will be consequences, no matter what you do.
Learn the definition of a "shed", a "garage" and other permitted improvements. Learn where you are allowed to place your structure on your lot.
The permit guys can advise you as to what works and what it might cost before you go over to Home Depot and order a shed.