Austin Bombings


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So a man walks in wearing a long, blonde wig, pink gloves and a baseball cap. This is:

(a) a crazy bomber
(b) just another day in Austin.
Great police work! Since other than the videotaped visit to a FedEx store (which that tape was only viewed after a package blew up prematurely) and buying a lot of the routine everyday item parts locally for making these crude pipe bombs - he gave off new clues. His family nor roommates were aware of him making these bombs in his bedroom.

He shared an alley with my sister’s house in Pflugerville (she was evacuated all day yesterday as the bomb crew tore apart the house.) Before buying this old house, he lived with his parents & 3 sisters a mile away. Neighbors say he was a loner, but polite without any outward odd behaviors. I’ve walked by his house on family walks on holidays. (My sister thinks he only got spooked and fled when the police started flying drones over their street when he was narrowed down as a prime suspect.)