Anyone know what's going on at the hockey stadium?

Sorry, it was live on channel 5. My husband couldn't get it to stream and it's not showing on yet. I will give updates since I know some can't turn it on.
What channel? At work looking for a stream.
Channel 5 has it, but kind of on and off. Last time they were on I could swear I saw two people on the roof making their way towards the parking garage. I assume those were police establishing a perimeter up there. Seems like someone is trying to evade the police and they holed up in the parking garage


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Some kid was on a year end field trip to Stars Center and chewed his waffle into the shape of a gun.

He has to be taken down immediately.
That's what 11 is reporting as well - jewelry store robbery, more than 1 armed robber,
narrowed down the area, they chased them to there, setting up a paremiter

Channel 5 still isn't saying
Tweet from Fox 4 News: Frisco police have surrounded the Dr. Pepper Star Center. Looking for jewelry store robbers who drove into the parking garage.
Stonebriar Mall had a jewelry store robbery a few years ago, a group of criminals got away. I can't ever recall hearing if they ever caught those criminals. Probably no connection here. I hope everyone is okay, except the criminals, may their days as free men end today... one way or another.