Anyone ever used a public adjuster?

To settle a home damage claim with your home insurance? Our house was flooded by a bad pipe in our kitchen and our insurance company is not even being remotely reasonable with our claim. It's been 5 weeks and we haven't even started repairs because of their refusal to work with our contractors bids. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.


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You also likely have an appraisal clause in your policy where you can each bring in experts/advocates to a neutral mediator to support your claims. There's no set person to argue on your behalf, so you should be able to have a GC argue on your behalf.


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Didn't use an adjuster but discussed it with our last claim. I had gone to 5 different contractors to fix my home from the hail storm 2 years ago. They all said they couldn't do the work for the amount being paid by the insurance company. One did suggest an adjuster but said that usually takes 2 to 3 months to get a resolution. I finally just went back to the insurance company and said you need to find me someone that can do the work for what you are saying it should be done. Apparently Texas is very insurance friendly and not consumer friendly when it comes to claims.


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Yes, we used an adjuster when we were having our roof replaced. It was very painless on our part and they were able to get several thousand more from our insurance company.


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If you think it's more than let's say $10k of damage. As a warning, only hire a reputable well reviewed and trust worthy PA. They should only charge around 10%. We made the mistake of contract a storm chaser PA company for hail damage, but they have a sister restoration company that does the work. We did exercise our right to go with our own general contractor, and let me tell you when their attitudes changed. It seems they are more bias to their company and not me as a client. It's the typical dupe. And I fell for it. Their fee was 20%. They promise you the world with your home and lie many times etc. We are currently trying to get out of the contract. It would have been relatively quick but when things weren't adding up etc. We decided to go a different route. I'll have a definitive answer from the department of insurance if they used unlawful practices and the contract would be voidable in Nov. One they did the contract on an iPad but inputed a licensed adjusters name on the contract. I havent met, seen, talk to, or even heard of the guy. Nor has that guy represented me. On paper, everything is legit. But the problem is that they had for most of the claim not had a licensed adjuster handling my claim which may be the thing that helps me. We have found a great PA but he's on the back burner until we can hopefully get this resolved. There's great PAs out there I just should've done my research. (Btw. The first company seemed very trustworthy, and talk a big game to get your signature)