Another Frisco Murder????


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I hope what I'm hearing isn't true. Just heard possibly two people were found dead at the same home where a mother allegedly murdered her 10 year old son earlier this year. I drove by and police and fire are all over the place. Anyone know anything further? I'm listening to the scanner something is going on as they're talking about staging media on Mountain View.
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I think the stress from the police not releasing her of murder charges was just too much, I feel so sad for them and hope they RIP.


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I just watched the news reports on TV. They didn't identify who the victims are. Very sad. Thoughts and prayers to all of those family, friends and neighbors who are impacted by this tragedy!


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Innocent people don't run from the truth.
Coach, I tend to agree with this. However, and of course it's a huge, speculative, however:

About 35 years ago in Arizona when I lived there, there was a case where parents of a young child were accused, then pilloried in the media for the death of their young child. Their other two kids were taken from them. They faced horrible consequences if convicted.

Back then scientific evidence took much longer and was so unsophisticated compared to what we have now in forensics.

Finally evidence came back that said it was an actual illness, that was almost undetectable, that caused the death.
Even so, the prosecutor still hung on to the case.

Long story short, the couple, shut off totally from their other two children, and not being able to face anyone, fearful of a wrongful conviction and life in prison took their lives one evening in a mountain pass outside Tucson.

It turns out that all parties finally agreed they were innocent. A bit too late. Many civil suits followed. Settlements were reached with surviving family.

Just throwing this out there before we all run to the "ah ha...see she did it" in this Frisco case.


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This is awful news. Guess it's safe to say it's the mom and dad, and it would seem to be a murder-suicide, or at best some kind of suicide pact. So hard not to jump to conclusions here, but Coach has a point. Innocent people don't do this.


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the police better come out with some pretty damning evidence about the alleged murder of the son by the mom and it had better come out fast, otherwise I am going with my "harassed to death by the police" theory...


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Indicted and Suspected Murderer Pallavi Dhawan Found Dead

She was guilty, satisfied justice was done for the 10 year old son Arnav Dhawan, his mother Pallavi Dhawan was indicted on suspicion of having murdered Arnav. GREAT JOB! Frisco police were determined to pursue this case, clear signs of wrong doing by the mother Too many children are left to suffocate in hot cars, murdered in so many horrific ways and tortured for years and years, even babies, their bodies disposed of and no ever does anything or genuinely cares, have we lost our humanity? Sometimes, I am so ashamed and disgusted of our behavior towards innocent children and defenseless women. I was so fed up with reading, it was a Hindu custom regarding the treatment of the son's dead body with NO phone call for medical assistance, what a sad, sad, death for Arnav. Rarely, do we speak up for the murdered person.

I agree completely with John Walsh/CNN....... we need to find these bast___s and kill them!