Amazon beats even Walmart

I was reflecting this morning on how I made two significant purchases this weekend for things I needed around the house. In both cases, the items were available locally for a good discounted price. Then I checked with Amazon. Significantly cheaper, better information on the sales page and ease of transaction. Plus I did not need to navigate the idiot central of a Walmart parking lot.

I see a space for niche players that can provide a unique experience/product, but the normal retailer that buys wholesale and sells retail is dying.

The chasm between Amazon and EVERYBODY else on any platform is amazing. Unless retailers improve their shopping experience they will be relegated to "impulse buys" and MILLIONS of square feet of retail space will go idle.

I happen to be buying a truck hitch and Amazon pointed me to the exact product I needed with the associated wiring for my exact vehicle. Amazon was fronting the exact manufacturer Walmart was retailing. So I got a better match to my vehicle, same quality, better service.


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We have a large wall clock that is slowing down. Couldn't find one we liked in the right size at NFM or Bed Bath and Beyond, Googled wall clock under images and a minute later we were buying from


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I was just thinking this today. Went to Belks to grab some slacks. When we arrived to pay, my wife asked if they had any store discounts. The associate told us that we would need to find it online and then they could apply the discount. I'm like really? They want to to go through some archaic process of searching and providing some online barcode instead of just applying the 20% discount. It's these stupid games the stores play with prices and "sales" that I prefer online.

I hate retail but I hate the thought of not having a retail option.


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I personally like to look at the stuff I buy. I also hate how Amazon is changing prices around. Found the pair of headphones my son wants for his bday yesterday on Amazon for $59.99. Went to buy them last night and they had changed the price to $98.99. That has happened to me on more than one occasion.
Amazon does not always control the pricing process, it sometimes is controlled by the stores they are fronting. I worked with Walmart in the early 1990s on their technology to connect by satellite all their stores to provide real time inventories and JIT deliveries. They were far ahead of any other retailer in technology and thinking.

Now I watch them fumble through and misstep after misstep as they try to move past brick and mortar to a blended environment. Amazon focusing on fulfillment and delivery is kicking the pants off of them. Additionally, Walmart has POUNDED manufacturers on pricing for so long I wonder if manufacturers are more willing to work with Amazon versus Walmart. You cannot be a Jaggoff forever no mater how much leverage you have.

Target is going to be an "also ran".


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The headphones were sold by Amazon, not a third party. I find a lot of the stuff I would buy is the same price as a retail store so I would rather buy local since sales tax isn't a factor any longer.
Retails is and will continue to undergo significant change. I think clothing stores will always need a brick and mortar option. Fit of clothes is just not possible via internet. Same for shoes. I buy clothes online but only ones I have bought before and know how they fit.

Appliances and furniture will change but won't go away. I want to touch and feel those type of purchase before making a commitment.

Amazon pricing is hit or miss. Sometimes a good deal and other times it is the same or higher. We do have Prime so shipping is not issue. We bought most of last Christmas on Amazon but retail still has a future, just will be different.


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We have a large wall clock that is slowing down. Couldn't find one we liked in the right size at NFM or Bed Bath and Beyond, Googled wall clock under images and a minute later we were buying from
The clock arrived last night and looks great at a distance. Up close it's a piece of Chinese crap.
The one positive is they did give me a spare nut so I can put the hands back on when they fall off.


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Hubby was looking at a 75" Samsung TV at Best Buy this spring. While in the store he looked it up on Amazon and was able to get the exact same TV for $700 cheaper.

I do like the ability to see and touch the things I buy but I also like saving money. I do try to buy from Amazon first for the non clothing items but if I can find it locally for the same price or better I buy local.
Best Buy price matches Amazon, and there's no real benefit to purchasing from Amazon since they charge tax in Texas now.

I use Best Buy Price Match all the time, especially to Amazon and never have any issues.
But then I have to go to Best Buy and I end up taking home a bunch of stuff I really did not need not to mention the overly friendly parking lot drivers.
I wonder if we will return to a version of the good ole days of "catalog stores"? Remember Service Merchandise? Maybe you pay a fee to examine the merchandise and then order from whoever you want... The evolution of retail is going to be fascinating...