Hi all,

My son just started kindergarten and loves it, the problem is he HATES the Alphabest program. When I go to pick him up around 4:30PM his group seems to always be sitting on the floor apparently doing nothing. I don't know if I am just catching them while they are transitioning from one thing to the other or what. He complains that they just "do nothing" and it is boring. Everything seems organized and under control when I get there but I wish he would be happy there. Anyone else have this problem? I am wondering if I should talk to the program coordinator or give it a few more days? Any ideas are welcome. TIA


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Here's what I would recommend:

1) Realize it's still the first week of school and there is some tweaking to the schedules that needs to be done probably.

2) Remember that it's been too hot to go outside, so their schedule might be off because of that as well.

3) Try picking up at a later time. Sometimes the real "fun" begins after 4:30 because at first they are taking roll, bathroom break, snack, and homework. You might just be picking up before the fun starts.

4) If you are still not getting the service you want, speak with the site manager. They might be able to shed some insight on what is going on. There might be situations outside of their control: materials haven't arrived for certain group projects/staffing/etc.

5) And if all of that fails, then go up the ranks and see what you can find out from them.

I know that AlphaBest is doing a totally different type of program this year and it's something that none of them are use to. They are doing some sort of "clubs" for certain things and I know some schools are doing Lego Robotics. But with it being the first week of school, I would bet most of the sites are not starting these new groups/clubs this week. But definitely ask when they are starting them and what time of day they will be doing them. That way your little guy can participate in them once they start.


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Also, he is kinder.. it is a huge change and by the end of the day (right now)he may be done.. I would, like the previous poster said - give it another week and then see how it changes after Labor Day.. Also, ask the teachers what their schedule is..

Does he know anyone else in the program (pretty early and still making friends) - you could ask the teachers to make sure they introduce him to another kinder child..
I would give it another week. We are in YMCA and my kids have always loved it. This year though there aren't any girls my daughter's age to play with so she is asking to go to Alphabest. My son still enjoys the YMCA. I told her to give it another week to see if any other kids enroll before we make the change. I am not against Alphabest, I think the programs are very similar. I just prefer YMCA because I feel like they get more active play which is needed after being in the classroom all day. I would ask your son to give it another week though because it's the first week and he needs to get used to it and work through the growing pains to make a good decision.
I am in a similar situation. My daughter loves going to kindergarten, but is crouched in a corner crying everyday when my husband picks her up from the YMCA afterschool. Apparently there are only 11-13 kids, and she seems to be the youngest by far. I was actually considering moving her to Alphabest soon. I know it's only the first week, but it's hard to discount as she has the complete opposite reaction to normal school.