AC Repair since Big Bear is Out until Weds

Big Bear is the nicest one of the nicest men I have met in a long time. Wishing him a speedy recovery!!!! Health is so important to all our loved ones!


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Hope Big Bear recovers quickly. He's a great guy.

In addition to Big Bear, I've used Delbert at Cool Breeze multiple times. 972-650-0892.

I've also used a guy named Raul Vigil with JRV Heating and Cooling. I don't have the number handy but you could probably Google it.

Also, a few people on FOL have spoken highly of Al DelaGarza with Fresco Air. Again, I don't have the number but you could probably Google it or search within FOL for Fresco Air.
Edit: Al's number is 214-878-7572 (stolen from another thread)

Good luck!
Thanks! Delbert came on over and I wanted to give him a great review. He was a perfect backup and was quite friendly...he didn't even charge me a service fee, as it was just a blown fuse (he showed me and told me how to repair it should it happen again).

2 thumbs up.
Big Bear

My thoughts and prayers go out to Big Bear. One of the most stand up guys I've seen recommended on here. If I can help you friends of Frisco out while he's down, I will, ( if there's anything I an do to help you out Big Bear, just let me know brother. -Dan.
I emailed Dan (ACC fix it man) today about water dripping from the roof and he came out this evening. Very honest and reasonable plus we learned a lot about the units! Thanks Dan!
When it is Hot it’s Hot. --> Contact #s

When my air went out last week and BB was busy, both these recommended regulars were quick to call back. Delbert came out and did an excellent job.

Delbert (972) 650-0892

Al Dela Garza (214) 878-7572


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Thank you everyone! Yesterday was pretty rough, then this morning I feel back to normal. Just have to be careful to make sure I don't get too confident and then relapse. I have to take care of myself better, was dehydrated and super low on sodium and electrolytes. Going to doctor tomorrow morning to see if I get the ok to work again. Appreciate all the well wishes and more than anything, Delbert and Al DelaGarza for picking up the slack!
Choice Air Care is really good, give them a try. 972-646-8030. They have competitive pricing and the techs are really nice, they put those little booties on to keep your carpet clean when they enter, I thought that's a nice touch, shows they care. Also, if you like checking out reviews, they have a lot of good reviews.


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So we have these "new" members that choose for their first post to be on a topic that is almost 7 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!