9th Circle of Hell - Allen HS graduation

This Saturday as Allen Eagle Stadium - 1700 in graduating class, 104 degrees predicted outdoors on an astroturf field that will literally melt the soles of your shoes.

Almost makes me want to go back to FISD, except for one thing - the kiddo graduates from Allen ISD with enough duel credit course credits to be a College Sophomore.
The graduation alone is enough to keep me from Allen.

Seriously, there is no plan B for venue ? Sitting in polyester robes for hours in that heat - you are asking for problems. If it will be that hot it is dangerous to be in that heat for so long. Shame on Allen ISD if no plan B for indoor venue. June in Texas - it is hot. Maybe spend less on football stadium and a little on securing indoor facility for June graduation in Texas.
Plan B is a rotational graduation by class "house". Allen has 6 houses that help breakdown the mega school into smaller organizational structures. The students want to graduate together as one class, but we may lose granny to heat stroke at the ceremony.

Unfortunately, one of the incidental cost justifications for the Stadium was not using UNT for graduation. I think we could pass the hat on Saturday and cover the rental costs.
Maybe they stream service and someone can watch with Granny at home. I get wanting to graduate together but man that is a really hot place to be in triple digit heat.