5th Street patio Cafe


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I was just reading Sticky's comment about keeping our dollars in Frisco, and wanted to give some kudos to 5th Street Patio Cafe

Ive read about it on here, but never tried it. It is now my favorite place to eat! Great downtown location! The menu is extensive, breakfasts are insane! I love the salads. Lots of delishous sandwiches, large servings. Great burgers. All taste unique and made fresh to order.

Give it a try! Great lunch location


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If you friend them on Facebook, you can also find out about some of their events. Last spring they had a crawfish boil, live bands, and BYOB that was great.
Good food good rates

Just had the chicken pesto sand. yesterday and three small desserts brought home for fiances b-day. Agreed, good food and never had a negative experience there and I refer this place often.

Re crawfish boil: Yes would like to help them out with that this year as it continues to grow!
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I was there yesterday too! Maybe I saw ya!

Im addictied to their Peppered turkey, bleu cheesem bacon, craisens, apples
and pecans salad

Also the applewood smoked bacon a d fried egg sammie is just awesome!

I have few friends that rave about the burgers.

Thanks for the FB tip JJ, Ive been meaning to get on FB and dabble. This is a good excuse
We tried it based on all the rave reviews. I was unimpressed. It was not bad but not memorable enough for me to go back. I tried one of the salads and it was just okay. DW was also less than impressed with the food.


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Have been a few times and love this place! I love their varied menu, although I have a hard time choosing b/c everything sounds so good! Now I am craving some of their food!!!

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I "invented" their Patio breakfast special - it was ala carte when they first opened and more expensive that way. Two eggs, smoked applewood bacon and biscuit (or toast) $5.49. It's great when a restaurant actually listens to their customer input :)

Love their cinnamon flavored coffee!
I think it is really good too, but can be pretty hectic at lunch with a baby. I have to go when I am not with the kids or have a friend or two dining with me to "help". ;)
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