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Has anyone been to this store? It's VERY cool and they are supposed to have looms there this weekend! Everything is $5 and below! This weekend there is a fundraiser there for the United Way - if you go shopping there and bring in a form (you must have the form in hand) they will donate 10 percent to the United Way which gives to local organizations in Frisco so, it's a great way to give back!

I have a copy of the form to bring in if you go shopping there this weekend - it's all weekend!!! I do not work for United Way, I just LOVE the organization and the store!!! Please text me your email and I will email you the form if you want to bring it while you shop!!! 214-726-2099! Christina!!!
We went in there right when it opened and found it to be pretty junky…..we couldn't even find anything we'd by for the kiddos in there… (2&4)

Probably won't be back.


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I've been several times & couldn't find anything that I would use besides a pair of fuzzy socks & the 10 for $1 packs of razzles! My daughter, on the other hand, thinks the store is amazing....she's 19.
I got $5 footballs $5 soccer balls. Dallas cowboys ornaments, great books for reading, $5 rock painting kit, $5 bounce ball making kit, loom bands 3 for $5, UNO, piktureka which we played last night and it was a blast. A head band game where you put the band on your head and try to get the balls in - my kids and their friends played with this for hours last night. A small A&M football, some UT Texas stuff for a football party we had. It's not Leaning Express or Nordstroms but its great for kids when you want to entertain or go
Through balls like we do (in the gutter or my dog eats them). I'd rather pay $5 for a football then $10:).