40th birthday gifts for wife

I had some big plans for my wife for her 40th, but some family things have impacted it..

Looking for some idea's that are less mainstream.. Something that she will remember...

Not really a bling person, so 2 carat stud earrings are out...


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No ideas but I just want to say that for most women forty is really important for so many reasons but it is usually a emotional/hard birthday.

I am glad to see you want to make it special. I am a bling girl so jewelry is always good to mark milestones and special anniversaries :)

What ever you do she will love it because you are putting heart and thought into it.
My wife got a GIANT birthday cake that was black as the ace of spade.

It had graveyard headstones on it.... RIP and that kind of stuff.
Don't do this!!

Maybe a nice get away with some quiet time !! Even if its only for the weekend. Have a cleaning lady come while the two of you are gone !! Add a window washer, landscaper and carpet clean !! Have those tiny nagging things fixed. Add in wood flooring !! A house fully spring cleaned !!
That's the gift of time !!
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What is she into? Her likes, what brings her joy? Last Christmas the hubs sought out an old B&b in Waco we went to (I love old houses). Plan something like that?
If you have time - do a surprise trip - have her pack a bag for some trip like to the river walk in SA, a B&B in Jefferson, or staying at a romantic hotel in downtown - but instead drive her to the airport and on to some exciting 2-3 day destination like Mexico, Napa or NYC. (I took my wife on a quick 5 day cruise one time when she just thought she was flying out to hang out by herself at an LA hotel while I was stuck in business meetings.).

Also, surprise birthday parties are remembered long after other kinds of gifts - both times I did this, I hired a party planner so no communication came to our home in any way - and I actually pulled off true surprises.
For a friend of mine, she was really dreading it. Her best friend emailed all the friends and family she could think of and asked them to write a little something - favorite memory, what they loved about her, etc. and she compiled it in a book with pics and everything. Time consuming, yes. But priceless, especially if she has treasured friends.


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Does she have a close friend or family member who lives out of town that you could fly in as a surprise? Or send her and her best friend off to a spa for the weekend (or any other place that she would enjoy).
I did what Roberts is suggesting for my husband's 50th birthday. I contacted high school/college friends, work associates, family members, etc. and asked them to write about a memorable experience that they had with my husband over the years. Some people included photos and just wrote some really nice things. I put them into 50 numbered envelopes and gave them to him on his birthday. It was really a nice way to remember all the ways you have changed and things you have done over your life.

I also think a surprise trip, long weekend or even concert with friends would be fun!


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40th birthday

A friend of mine hired a limo to take his wife to a spa for "the works". The spa was inside a high-end department store. After the spa treatment, he arranged for a personal shopper to help his wife select an outfit for an evening on the town (he was able to specify a price limit). Thus pampered and dressed, the limo delivered his wife to her favorite restaurant, where they had dinner followed by dancing. She loved it.....


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Not one for bling myself, so understand. I prefer technology and utilitarian gifts, or those with great memories.

I know I'm fairly unique on the first two, so let's go with the third: Is planning a get away an option? A B&B maybe in OK. If you have kiddos, arrange for their care. Arrange the B&B. Then just drive there.

If that's too much, I'll share the gift my husband planned for my 48th birthday that almost had me in tears for his thoughtfulness: He scheduled an hour at iFly. Unfortunately I had the flu and we plan to reschedule, but the simple fact that he heard me say earlier in the year that I'd love to go and acted upon it without consulting me meant the world.
We are going away for her 40th and our anniversary (all a week apart) it was supposed to be with her sister / husband.. they backed out at the last min.. So, in addition, i am thinking of a Keepsake type thing.. Have a few ideas.. Personally, I think a nice watch would be a great bday.. but it would be more of what I like versus her.. It will be all great.. however, other than memories... id like to give her something tangible...