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Has anybody ever used them?

Are they expensive? Is it cheaper for me to rent a pick-up truck and take my stuff to the dump myself?

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Yes. My mother used them when she was moving and I think it was about $700 to haul everything away. They charge by how much of the truck you use but the cheapest pricing is still expensive. The advantage of using them is they will go anywhere on your property (so upstairs, garage etc.) Most others it all has to be collected in one central point.

I would see if you can find someone who will haul your junk away cheap. Ask Toolie he had someone do it for him when he sold his house. I don't think he paid a lot either.


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We used Trash Junky. I think it was a little cheaper and there was a coupon in one of the coupon magazines we got in the mail.
I rented a home depot truck....took 170 feet of fence in two loads to the custer road site..

Cost me about 75 dollars as I do load and drive fast!

Make sure that you reserve the truck and get there early.
If you know any high school kids, ask them. Just last week I had a full size truck full of crap hauled off. The kid said he'd do it for free since he's a friend of my son, but I gave him a twenty and a couple of gift cards to Chipolte and Chili's. Easy peasy.