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    State Fair Food 2016
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    RIP ALI :(

    He passed away last night. I had a feeling when they said he was taken to hospital yesterday. :( Years ago that Field of Dreams memorabilia store at Stonebriar Mall had a Cassius Clay boxing robe for $10,000. I don't know if they ever sold it. I wonder what its gonna be worth now?
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    Thank you Big Bear!

    I just wanted to thank Big Bear himself! Today, Memorial Day, at around 5:15 pm, our thermostat went blank on us. We checked the breaker and it wasnt tripped so we feared the worst. The wife texted BB, and asked for help, since I have had a stroke, and major heart issues, I cant do the heat...
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    I know its old, but funny with all the TSA talk in the news!
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    LOL....CRAZY!!!! All over national News and the Today Show today!
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    Nevermind duplicate in another post
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    Another reason why body cams should be standard issue for ALL officers!
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    I was perusing the ODMP page and noticed that Frisco has only had 1 officer killed in the line of duty. Interesting also was who his brother was! ETA: The Preston in his name had nothing to do with the name of 289 being Preston Road though...
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    I wonder if #2 (pun intended) will catch on in the states!!!! :barf::shock:
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    LOL! Merry Christmas all! :)
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    Funny but still makes you go hmmm...

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    Pretty cool
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    Heads Up!
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    Annie are you OK??? Are you OK Annie?
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    OMG hope y'all are prepared!!!

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    Hope yall got yer grass cut...see whats coming from the west? Don't know if the bubble can defeat that!
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    Eagles LIVE! Free!

    No not THOSE Eagles... LOL! REAL eagles. From a nest in Minnesota. Get to see mom and dad with 2 eaglets! Its really cool. The wind can be annoying at times! Enjoy!:happy:
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    LOL if she had been holding a mic, I do believe she woulda "dropped it" at the end! :clap: