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    Name suggestions for online store

    I am starting a online boutique and would like name suggestions, we will feature clothing for 20-30 somethings. mostly blouses and dresses, some pants. some in season boots, shoes and custom toms/bobs some handbags, scarves, team bedazzled hats and jewelry My SIL and I are heading it up...
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    2nd breast augment -old implants

    They were sent home with me! Wonder why? They are 7yr old saline, i got silicone this time. If i want to go back smaller is it possible to sterilize? On another note i was a saggy a cup after breast feeding ds#1 so i got 375 filled to 400 saline under muscle. Yesterday went thru same scar...
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    Credit Repair- Who gets results?

    I want to pay a firm to do all the busy work for me. I wish I could just pay to start all over. The loss of a job in 08 is biting me in the butt now. Income is great, job is stable and credit score is holding me back from getting financed. and i cant increase my score without current revolving...
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    housecleaners company- how to file a claim

    all resolved
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    Baby acne vs. sensitive skin

    DS is now 7 weeks, he has had baby acne for 3-4 weeks, it comes and goes. its not so much on his face anymore but the back of his neck, shoulders and down his back to shoulder blades. it seems really bad. i was thinking if her were allergic to detergent (dreft most of the time) that he would...
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    video circulating my facebook network Copied from mobile device. Replace m with www on computer
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    i need packing and moving tips

    i start packing this evening when i return home from our extended christmas break, but not lifting a box (so i say) DH will shoot that down. I moved a lot in college and it was just me, myself and i. we have lived in our home for 5.5 years and now have 2 lil guys. for those of you who move...
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    What is it? I have a droid x and kindle and seem to operate fine without it.
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    more health problems these days

    Ever wonder why? What are your thoughts? I'm researching about vaccines bc DS is scheduled for 2 mo check up in a couple of weeks. There are so many allergies, peanuts and tree nuts, ADD/ADHD, asthma,autism and more. Also sicknesses inand obesity I'm 27 and I had chicken pox. These sites i...
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    California man ordered to Cease Manufacturing of Sperm by FDA I heard about this a few weeks ago on my favorite online news talk radio, KFI. I just googled it and the story gets even more interesting after xtube videos of him have been found. He is not breaking any laws in the state Its interesting because FDA says not...
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    Dental Question

    If a dentist answers this I appreciate it but I am no longer in the area and wont be able to become a patient. I am a clencher...worse than grinding I heard. i have a guard but the damage is done. I have worn down a lot of my tooth ( and several teeth), the yellow dentin can be seen, this is...
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    viral video after teens death it made me smile, bittersweet
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    paging momto5 and other cloth diapering mommas

    my ds, 4 weeks tomorrow, has a terrible bottom sore, its not a rash as its nearly open, its just raw....poor guy. i am trying so hard to help this, older brother never had an issue til he was 10 mos. we are using sensitive wipes, regular pampers, his stools are sometimes seedy but sometimes...
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    mobile mechanic?

    I live at Frisco/mckinney border and my car wont start. :( If my dad or FIL were in town they could help DH just isn't that knowledgeable. It's not the battery. Trying to save on a tow fee and someone that doesn't have to pay a lot of overhead. I found 2 on craigslist that are ASE certified...
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    ipod touch vs kindle fire

    Same price and I am not familiar with either Want to buy a gift for my son. I do not want a required data package, wifi access only is fine If I am using wifi and download games, can I play the games when not connected? The primary use will be for games ( to take the place of my phone) , he...
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    legal question re: lawsuit

    I need to know what type of attorney to contact to sue a business owner (he sold me a vehicle and he doesnt have title to it, this is against the law) (this thread is not about me buying a car without a title, its about a lawsuit) I know that I would win when I present my case in small...
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    I'm going to have a baby...soon

    I will be 37 weeks tomorrow... was checked yesterday and am at 70% and 1cm. i know i can stay this way for weeks but its really sinking in now!! this is baby #2, nervous about going into labor. i was induced 2 days early last time. im not miserable so as long as i stay this way i'm going...
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    Heaven is for real- book

    I heard about colton back around Easter and have been wanting to read it.It was gifted to me and I want to pay it forward, I dont keep books, I tend to give them away and pass them around Its about his out of body experience at the age of 4 and really easy read If you would like to read it...
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    PSA-Alberty Auto of Lewisville- Bad News-Beware

    Anyone dealt with them? They are rated an F at BBB I can not get details of the complaints without a subpoena but did find a few reviews regarding bad service We found a great deal but have a horrible time getting the...
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    vehicle title mess (long)

    until feb i had never bought a vehicle by myself. (aside from getting one financed and having a lein holder) I paid cash for the truck it was 20k. I was told that i would get the title in the mail along with the registration plates and papers. i got a bill of sale and even at the time knew that...