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  1. Ares

    FOL Survivor

    It is true, and I double checked his account history before I posted. I can help if he needs assistance, but his account and password should be the same as when he last logged in.
  2. Ares

    FOL Survivor

    No, his account has always been active.
  3. Ares

    FOL Survivor

    Penguin was not banned. His account is still active and he is free to post, if he so chooses.
  4. Ares

    Why are posters allowed to give neg rep without being listed on the member page?

    Users with no post count do not appear in the member list, but they can attempt to give reputation feedback to other posters. These reputation feedback attempts have no point value associated with them for users with low or no post counts. We are aware of the user in question and thank you...
  5. Ares

    Capitol One Credit Card Holders

    Enough. This constant bickering will not be tolerated.
  6. Ares


    If discussion on the differences between the faiths is desired, please begin a new thread in the appropriate forum.
  7. Ares

    landscape design

    Several posts have been removed from this thread for violation of our advertising policy. Please review that policy prior to posting. Admin
  8. Ares

    How to contacts the Mods on here?

    You can use the "report post" icon and someone will look into the request. Its the red triangle with an exclamation point under the "mood" in a post.
  9. Ares

    Time Stamp

    You should see it correctly now.
  10. Ares

    Ask a Catholic thread?

    The thread is still here, however the craziness is gone. Link
  11. Ares

    Lost Pet Moderator

    We may be able to work with some of that. If you'd like to send us a list of the places you think people should check we'll review it and put some up. We may be able to post some information from the City that would help identify the neighborhoods as well. The third item is trickier and...
  12. Ares

    Lost Pet Moderator

    It says "Moderator" under their screenname.
  13. Ares

    Lost Pet Moderator

    The moderators are the same for all forums.
  14. Ares

    How to change username on here?

    :nono: :rules: lknovoa, we sent you a private message.