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  1. lthrnk

    Della is now a Canine Good Citizen

    Della, my little Aussie pup, finished her Puppy II series of classes today at What a Great Dog Training Center and passed her 10-part AKC "Canine Good Citizen" test on her first try. I can hardly believe how far Della and I have come since we teemed up 6 months ago when she was barely 8 weeks...
  2. lthrnk

    Auto Detailer

    I need to find someone who will do a good job washing and waxing my two cars. The last thread about this I could find was from last November. Any recommendations?
  3. lthrnk

    Della Starts a New Class Tomorrow

    Wish me well, please. Della and I start Puppy ll class tomorrow at WAGD
  4. lthrnk

    Frustrated with my little aussie pup

    I know I'm new to this forum, but may I vent?
  5. lthrnk

    New computer with Windows 8

    I'm going to buy a new desktop computer, and the one I'm looking at is an HP Pavillion with Windows 8. Does anyone here have much experience with 8 yet? I will be replacing my old desktop that was one of the last with XP, which I like, My laptop has Windows 7 which I have learned to use and...
  6. lthrnk

    Moving Boxes with Dish Packs

    I have about 35 moving boxes plus 9 boxes that are dish packs (have dividers and foam sleeves to help protect dishes). $25. Located in Prosper. PM me if interested.
  7. lthrnk

    Area Rug Cleaners

    I have some area rugs that need cleaned. At least two of them are wool. They are in storage now and I would like to get them cleaned before moving into a new house. Any recommendations on who would do a good job at a reasonable price?
  8. lthrnk

    Police at Custer and 380

    Lots of McKinney and Frisco Police were arriving at 380 and Custer, near the Walmart, about an hour ago. Anyone know what was happening?
  9. lthrnk

    jetted tub leak - repairman recommendation?

    Anyone know of a spa repairmamn that could repair a leak in one of the jets in my jetted tub? I had a plumber out (Dagen Plumbing), but he said I would need a spa specialist to fix the leak around the jet.
  10. lthrnk

    Garage Door Repair - Good Experience

    I had a garage door malfunction Tuesday night and needed to get it fixed as quickly as possibly. I looked on Frisco On-Line under the business directory and found Academy Door & Repair, ph. 972.625.3030. I called and was suprised that Randy of the company answered the phone - it was about 7PM...
  11. lthrnk

    AT&T Bill fradulent 3rd party charges

    If you have AT&T land line, you need to read your monthly statement closely. For the 2nd time in 3 months, mine had some strange 3rd party changes added. One company that has started adding a 3rd party monthly charge to my bill is OAN Services - $17.76 a month for some kind of information...