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  1. scraven68

    Frisco sports bars

    Rock 101 re opened and is now called End Zone.
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    New forum interface is so bad..

    Me too! Pissed me off, still NO explanation whatsoever, Sure way to KEEP folks on here! LOL
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    New Site Issues

    Getting a handle on the SPAM seems to be out of their reach currently too!!! WOW!!!
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    Cleaning our way to asthma??

    George knew it all along! LOL!
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    Tree removal

    We used these guys to remove a larger Arizona Ash. We were going to use Arborological Services who quoted us $3,000. ($2,700 for tree and additional $300 for stump grinding) These guys did it all for $900!
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    Arboriculture Services
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    Back to school!

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    VOTE NO: Taxation is Theft

    Did I hear it would increase property tax by .13 cents? Is that really worth all that he's doing? I wouldn't even miss that. We gotta pay for things somehow, and that seems like a pretty fair amount. I could be wrong I guess.
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    FISD Property Tax Increase

    Hot Springs Village is actually about 30-40 minutes to Benton. But it's more like 3.5-4 hrs from Bentonville. ;)
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    Okay truck Gals and Guys (web site)
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    State Fair Food 2016
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    Storm Door Repair

    We use this guy. Doug Thompson, Very reasonably priced and does good work!
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    Motorized Scooter Got my chair here at a great price too. They have several models right there in the store They are off of I-35 in Lewisville. They are only open Mon-Fri now though. Used to be on Sat too but not anymore.
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    Big Bear

    Yet he will oft times come at odd hours or on weekends and holidays, at NO CHARGE to help people out. He is in business to make money, not burn gas giving estimates for free. Most folks would EXPECT some kind of small or even nominal fee for that, but it can be a pleasant surprise when he does...
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    Need help for my puppy
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    Pokemon Go?

    They will have to have that really fast talking guy like on the commercials who will run down the list of hazards of the game or a disclaimer like they have on ALL commercials like "Professional driver on closed course or road! Do Not Attempt" or "Don't try this at home" or "That Pokemon is...
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    The Ark Encounter - Thoughts?

    Like this?
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    The Ark Encounter - Thoughts?

    Yeah and the creationist museum clearly has dioramas with dinosaurs wearing saddles. And veloceraptors next to the lady doing laundry at the waters edge. I mean what more proof do we need? SCIENCE!!!!! (In my Thomas Dolby voice) LOL!
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    The Ark Encounter - Thoughts?

    More on the Bible *Also LANGUAGE*
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    The Ark Encounter - Thoughts?