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  1. TheSkeeter

    People Taking Advantage of Faith

    John Oliver nails it. Hilarious, yet frustrating at the same time.
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    Amusement Park Rides

    Imagine getting ready to take off on a bungee ride and the cord snap?? Thankfully, no one was injured...
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    Dealing with Spider Mites

    Anyone have to deal with spider mites destroying certain vegetable plants in the garden? I took some leaves they suck the life out of down to Calloway's and a lady identified them as spider mites and recommended insecticidal soap. I've been doing that this year and while it's helping, it seems...
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    Rugby Players 1-Up Folks

    For when you just can't wait for the post-game celebration to pop the top on a beer, there's now a solution:
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    Pope says there are limits to freedom of speech

    I really like this pope, for reasons that have nothing to do with his specific religious views and find myself in agreement with him many times. But I have to disagree with his response to the Hebdo murder. Everyone has the right not to be murdered. Everyone does not have the right to never...
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    Swingin' for Jesus Article

    Interesting interpretation to add to the mix.
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    20 Essential Lessons for Dog Owners

    As linked...
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    Noah Movie

    Anyone seen the new Noah movie? Is it worth watching? My question is more around is it entertaining to watch and not a matter of how accurate it is to the story.
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    No, not a question on microchipping. I've always thought it a small price to pay for not having to rely completely on 'hope' that I would be reunited with my dog(s) should one of them get out. But I saw Frisco and McKinney in this video, so I thought I'd post it up for folks...
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    Careful What You Push For

    So many times I've heard pro-christian sentiments when it comes to displaying christian tenets or whatnot in publicly supported settings under the banner of religious freedom. And questions like "Would you feel the same way if it was something Muslim?" We're about to find out. It will be...
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    Natural Disasters Explained

    Because this is a much better explanation (link) than tornadoes form when a cold air mass collides with a warm air mass, or when the moisture content of two warm air masses differs significantly, e.g. tornado alley...
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    What's the point of prayer?

    I've struggled with the question, "Why do I pray?" I can't get past the logic, specifically this: My starting point is god has a divine plan and I am part of it. If what I'm praying for is part of his divine plan, then prayer is redundant. He already has it included for me, maybe just...
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    Disturbing Study Results

    Kinda gross
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    Interesting Social Experiment in TX

    Thank god - TX in the news for something good for a change. This was a social experiment in Farmers Branch:
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    The Big Flood

    What happened to all the plants during/after the global flood?
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    Vehicle Decals for Advertising

    Any takers? Guaranteed to draw attention to you and your vehicle:
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    Your pictures are ready

    If anyone would like to lay claim to theirs, by all means...
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    Houston HS Stabbing

    High school stabbing... WTH is wrong with people?
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    Chinese Chicken

    Umm, yeah. This is a good idea. We can kill them here, but need to send them offshore to process? Odd...
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    Texas Measles Outbreak Linked to Megachurch

    In case anyone missed it in the news on WFAA...