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  1. MickieD

    New forum -

    I so dislike this new forum. Pages load very slowly. New Posts isn't just one line for a new thread... it lists individual posts, which is maddening. Then you also have the problem of the membership activity which has just about died out due to a handful of bully kids, so who would want to...
  2. MickieD

    Keurig or other brand??

    I want to get a Keurig/other brand brewer for my office. I see Hamilton Beach and Mr. Coffee rate as well as Keurig and are about 1/2 the price. I'm just leery with veering away from Keurig as I've had my brewer here at home for 5 years without a hitch. Have any of you tried a cheaper...
  3. MickieD

    Limo for prom - how does it work?

    My DD's prom date's mom has gotten ill. I'm doing transportation (limo). Can someone tell me how that works so that I don't botch it? Car picks up boy, then girl, then delivers to prom? Then picks up from prom and takes them to IHop then drop off girl, then boy? That's what makes sense in...
  4. MickieD

    Bread Machines

    I'm looking at Bread Machines with the intent of making a purchase soon. What kind do you have and why do you like it over other machines? This is the one I keep going back to...
  5. MickieD

    Netflix, Hulu, etc...

    I got my DD a blue ray all kitted out with onboard Netflix, Hulu, etc. plus wireless Wi-Fi. I already have Amazon prime with thousands of free movies and thousands more of cheap movies. Plus our direct tv service has tons of movies on demand. Does Netflix, et al have enough more to offer...
  6. MickieD

    I am woman, hear me roar...

    So, my kidlett ran rice - lots and lots of rice - down the disposal... OMG - total clog up. So - being the independent minded woman I am, I dipped all standing water from the sink. I then disassembled the plumbing under the sink. Rice packed pipes - what a mess! Cleaned it out...
  7. MickieD

    Phone # look-up

    Is there an actual FREE phone number reverse look up? If there is, I'm not finding it. Even the White Pages now charges. My project - dissecting charges on our 100+ cell phones - some of our guys are burning up those devices and costing $$. Work related or personal? That's what I need...
  8. MickieD

    Dew Claw-ectomy

    My schnauser mix, Max, needs to have his dew claws removed. He's worried at one of them to the point of infection, swelling, and ingrown tip. Nursing it at home isn't working out. So, about what is the cost for this procedure? My vet doesn't list their services and price schedule...
  9. MickieD

    remind me of little kids..

    Ok, have my 7yo gdaughter. First week went very well. Yesterday and today not so much. If I say pls do xx, she doesn't. If I say pls don't do xxx, she will do it as soon as my back is turned. When I put her in time out for the frequent occurrences, or say we're leaving xxx due to...
  10. MickieD

    Heirloom Seeds

    Eden Brothers is having a very nice sale on their heirloom vg and herb seeds. Also has "survival" packet of 30 vg varieties for $20 that is a great starter set for a new vg garden. All seeds are...
  11. MickieD

    Story from LtCol Howell

    My uncle sent me this story. He is a Lt. Col. in the Army, on loan to the USAF, as historian for the War on Terror. He is stationed in England, been there for a long while now. He flies in and out of Afghanistan collecting data and then returns to England to write. I thought some of you...
  12. MickieD

    March against Monsanto / GMO

    Saturday, May 25th I intend to be there. Hope many of you will join me!
  13. MickieD

    Conversation this morning....

    DD: Mom, will you French Braid my hair this morning? Me: Sorry, you know I can't - my fingers don't work that way. DD: Can you try just one more time, pleeeeeeze? Me: Ok, but you know what's going to happen. DD: Yeah, i know - you'll make a mess and then ask me if I want you to re-wire...
  14. MickieD

    Laptop Screen

    How can I tell if my laptop screen is LED or LCD? I don't see it stated anywhere on the specs as printed on the case.
  15. MickieD

    All the missing pet posts...

    It occurs to me that if you have a pet that is an escape artist, you need to make sure they wear collar and tag w/ contact info 100% of the time so they can be id'd and returned to owner in the event of... It's sad when a pet goes missing. They are scared, hungry, and cold. Chip 'em and...
  16. MickieD

    Baked Potato Soup..great recipe

    It's good, made it exact, no substitutions.
  17. MickieD

    K-Cups deals

    So, Santa brought me a Keurig. I need more K-Cups but don't want to over spend on them. The best price i found so far is $0.43 per. Is that the best pricing? If not, tell me about it! Oh and I do have the reusable, fill your own assembly. I use it frequently.
  18. MickieD

    netti pot

    Have a cold, bought a netti pot thingy to clear my head. It looks like a torture device. I'm skeered to try it. Netti pros out there with some good advice?
  19. MickieD

    NTTA is run by idiots

    In today's mail i received a zip cash invoice for charged incurred on my old Ford that I sold in April 2011. I called them from the dealership and canceled that toll trash and ordered a new one for my Mitsubishi. Fromthe dealership! So, this invoice shows charges from May 2011. They waited...
  20. MickieD

    Friend made this dish

    A office friend made Persian Jeweled Rice and brought it to work. Yes, it's beyond good. Recipe here -