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  1. debw712

    The Abolitionists will be at it again on Monday at Lone Star

    Let me preface by stating that I am not agreeing nor arguing the stance on abortion and I don't have kids in the HS. I DO, however, feel that the person who runs this Westboro-ish mess is wrong in tactics to the kids. He stands out with huge pics of VERY graphic aborted babies, and yes I...
  2. debw712

    Hiring Immediately Business Developer for a Local Marketing Firm

    Please submit your resume and or any questions to me at: OnTarget Partners is seeking a highly self-motivated, experienced inside sales representative to develop qualified opportunities for its business-to-business client partners. The ideal candidate will...
  3. debw712

    Hiring Digital Marketing Manager - Frisco Marketing Firm

    Candidate MUST know SEO & Social Media, how to manage tags and keywords in a website, blog and all aspects of Social Media. Candidate must also be fluent in sales taking our larger scale business model and tailoring it down to smaller businesses. Competitive salary, great benefits and...
  4. debw712

    Huge Collection of Pfaltzgraff - Yorktown hundred+ pieces

    Massive, 18+ year amassed collection of Pfaltzgraff Yorktown stonewear. Cups, plates, serving pieces, trinket boxes, corn servers, glasses, place mats and more. Too many to list for sure. Come see make an offer on the whole lot or ask me for one specific piece...I'm in Frisco. If you...
  5. debw712

    Ginormous yellow hopping bugs?

    Like hummingbird grasshoppers Please, please, please no pics Please But wth are they and why are hundreds of them nesting in my yard? They jump up 5 ft high! We put all kinds of powdered death out and most other stuff is gone but dear lord! They are aggressive, they want to get into the...
  6. debw712

    Juicer Heroes?

    Anyone tried it yet? I drove by this morning but they dont open until 7am - would LOVE to try them for breakfast. I get by there about 6:20 in the am normally. The menu looks pretty good, the story too- just wondering if anyone has had a chance to try them yet. TIA
  7. debw712

    What would you do?

    This may need to go into Critter Corner but it is more about human response than animals so.... This morning at about 4:30am I was feeding my dog in my kitchen and I heard a sound outside, like an animal in pain. Hi pitched crying sort of, odd and something I have not heard before. Not an...
  8. debw712

    Another thumbs up for Big Bear

    Thank you! A/C fritzed Sunday night with a house full of family. Called BB at 9:30pm ish, by 10 am this morning (Monday) he was on his way. Expecting the worse we were thrilled with his honesty and speed in fixing our AC. Rare and so welcome in this day and age. Thanks for making our...
  9. debw712

    Scoop on Port Arthur TX?

    A friend and her family may be relocating to that area, I know zip about it. Any insight? TIA Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  10. debw712

    Small Loan Calc Question

    I am thinking about buying another mattress and the store offers this "great" loan So the 1st 90 days are "same as cash" Then it gets squirrely... they told me after 90 days it becomes not so much a "rate" as a "finance fee" of 1.8% Multiple up to 12 months. What in the heck does...
  11. debw712

    Some deals and steals :)

    $20 off $100 at Aeropostale with coupon code SAVE20 at checkout Extra 20% off dresses at Kohl's (some are already 50% off) with code DRESS20, stack it with the addl code CELEBRATE for even more savings (they allow 2) and if the order is over $75 free shipping is added as...
  12. debw712

    2003 MItsubishi Eclipse - $1750

    150K in mileage, they are known to go well over 250 has been maintained with oil changes etc everything works and the car runs well paint and interior have some rough patches but it is a great and cheap to insure first car
  13. debw712

    Birthdays at work

    How do you, or do you at all, recognize birthdays in the office? We have a smallish office and birthdays used to be recognized in the morning meeting and a check given to the birthday celebrator. That practice stopped and we found that sometimes people know and make a fuss of sorts and...
  14. debw712

    COOL!! finally a "smart" road surface :)
  15. debw712


    Earned a trip from work for a cruise to Cozumel...never been but I have not met a beach I dont like :) I dont want to do the tour off the ship, so can anyone recommend a specific beach they went to- non snorkling, just sand and water and clean Are the taxis there in English? TIA Ps...
  16. debw712

    Life Alert and other products like this

    I want to get my dad some sort of life help device, he is sick and for now insists on living alone. If something happens to him there is no way to alert anyone... anyone have suggestions? I looked up this Life Alert, but there is no pricing and it seems very cheesy- is there a better option...
  17. debw712

    K9 Kountry

    Anyone know about them? The owner seems to have a good rep, we want to take our dog there for board and train while we are away. Just wanted to see if anyone had any personal experiences or knowledge thereof
  18. debw712

    Happy birthday Trixie!!!

    This is Ms Trixie cooking a birthday dinner :) Happy birthday ya little spitfire xo
  19. debw712

    Short term (a few weeks/months)

    Pay is $10-$12/h depending on experience You HAVE to be able to navigate Excel, that is a non negotiable skill. You need to have internet, Excel and a decent speed access at home too It is research, basic contact research, which I will train and explain to you if you are interested...
  20. debw712

    Slippery slope or legit case? A father, who is an attorney, is suing a lacrosse team/coach because his son did not get much play time. These are high school teams, not little kids and the sport, as many others do as well, is...