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  1. mrwo1

    OMG, Start Stocking up on TP, Bread, and Eggs!

    Thought I would come back just to say "is walmart open?
  2. mrwo1

    Elvis Killed JFK!!

    I thought they found out it was a suicide. (much like it appears to be happening to this forum currently)
  3. mrwo1

    When did FOL "Jump the Shark"??

    Oh look FOL,s own Ted McGinley
  4. mrwo1

    Amazon HQ2

    At least none of our mayors are pedophiles can Seattle say that.
  5. mrwo1

    Gas Shortage

    I do have to ask you Wes you didn't Photoshop Nishi's or Whatsthats license plate in there did you?
  6. mrwo1

    Gas Shortage

    Cool you internets much better than I do.
  7. mrwo1

    Gas Shortage

    Its a shame they blocked out the license plate I would love to make this moron famous
  8. mrwo1

    Global Peace Factory

    So this isn't a manufacturing plant that builds Cruise missles.
  9. mrwo1

    Buffett concert mess

    I am always amazed that they let that drunken nonsense and the mess that it leaves go on every year. ( not that I'm against drunken nonsense used to be a major participant back in the day) but we can't have a one day car show that left a minimum mess.
  10. mrwo1

    Gander Mountain

    Box of 5.56 ammo at GM 243.00 for 420 rounds Walmart the same manufacturer (I believe) 150 rounds for 53.00 do the math. But at GM you do get a neat plastic ammo box :no:
  11. mrwo1

    Frisco Bowl!

    It definitely won't be the Pollo Tropical bowl.
  12. mrwo1

    Don't want to give up your airline seat voluntarily? No problem, we'll just have the police beat you and drag you off the plane.

    I'm sure everybody else on the plane had something important to do the next day. Besides couldn't one of the people who were so shocked by what was happening have given up their seat.
  13. mrwo1

    New Sprouts - Eldorado & Teel

    At least the frozen yogurt craze ended so there won't be one of those.
  14. mrwo1

    PSA: No handheld devices while driving in Little Elm

    How very authoritarian of you.
  15. mrwo1

    Which Electric Plan Would You Choose?

    Where do you get your energy in this world?
  16. mrwo1

    Where do you buy your pet meds?

    We usually go to Costco even their prescription medications were cheaper.
  17. mrwo1

    Workers at downtown Exxon

    I always enjoyed when they stood under the no loitering signs.
  18. mrwo1

    Merry Christmas !

    Merry Christmas!
  19. mrwo1

    Happy Thanksgiving from WKRP