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    What is being built? FM423

    Hello, Does anyone know what is being built off FM 423 across from Frisco Ranch? It's next to the Cemetery, It looks like they've cleared the land to built homes.
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    Stadium Bleachers/Track

    Hello, Does anyone know if FISD opens any of the tracks to the public? I'd like to do a mixture of running bleachers and laps around the track. I found FISD Memorial Stadium has a good bleacher setup, but not sure if it's open to the public.
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    Current Housing Market

    Good Morning, Anyone have an idea on how the current housing market is? Now that school is around the corner I assume it's slowed down a bit. I recently placed my house back on the market after the initial deal fell through due to buyers finance. We had it sold June 15, but fell through...
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    What's being build off FM 423/Little Elm Parkway?

    There's something going up next to the Race Trac and the 24 hr emergency center. Anyone know what that could be? Looks like it could be split by 2 tenants.
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    Would you sell your house?

    Hello Everyone, My wife and I are considering selling our home in Little Elm. We currently live in the Eldorado West Subvision behind the Kroger. (near FM423/Eldorado) We are a family of 4 (2 kids 5 and 2)living in a 3100sq ft 2 story home. We are looking at a new build in Proper...
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    New Wakeboard Park open in LE
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    Att service outage

    Anyone having "no service" issue with their phone? I live off 423/Eldorado. And yes i have paid my bill
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    Jeep Dealer

    Hello, My wife and I are looking into purchasing a new Jeep Grand Cherokee. Anyone recommend a good Jeep dealer and sales person? TIA!