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    423 / 380 info

    I saw somewhere that a Target is supposed to go in Windsong Ranch Marketplace
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    What is being built? FM423

    Hello, Does anyone know what is being built off FM 423 across from Frisco Ranch? It's next to the Cemetery, It looks like they've cleared the land to built homes.
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    Stadium Bleachers/Track

    Hello, Does anyone know if FISD opens any of the tracks to the public? I'd like to do a mixture of running bleachers and laps around the track. I found FISD Memorial Stadium has a good bleacher setup, but not sure if it's open to the public.
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    US380 and FM423

    Rumor has it another set of apartments will be going up in one of those corners as well...
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    Current Housing Market

    For whatever reason, the lender the buyer was using did not dig deep enough on the proof of income. It was when they were requesting the information is when they realized they didnt have enough time(length of time). This was for the in all the deal fell through.
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    Current Housing Market

    Good Morning, Anyone have an idea on how the current housing market is? Now that school is around the corner I assume it's slowed down a bit. I recently placed my house back on the market after the initial deal fell through due to buyers finance. We had it sold June 15, but fell through...
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    What's being build off FM 423/Little Elm Parkway?

    I figured it would be a there is one in the Kroger and another in the shopping center next to Capital One bank. Guess the next one will be next to Lowes. smh
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    What's being build off FM 423/Little Elm Parkway?

    There's something going up next to the Race Trac and the 24 hr emergency center. Anyone know what that could be? Looks like it could be split by 2 tenants.
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    Would you sell your house?

    That is true, and for that reason the payment would be similar to what we're paying now. Difference would be the profit we make from our current house would be in the bank if we dont use it towards the next house.
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    Would you sell your house?

    Thanks Bizguy. We aren't opposed to the idea of putting the 50k or most of it. Although we'd like to put some away for a rainy day.
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    Would you sell your house?

    Hello Everyone, My wife and I are considering selling our home in Little Elm. We currently live in the Eldorado West Subvision behind the Kroger. (near FM423/Eldorado) We are a family of 4 (2 kids 5 and 2)living in a 3100sq ft 2 story home. We are looking at a new build in Proper...
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    whats being built 423 between Eldorado and Main?

    Across from Calloways will be luxury townhomes w/garages on first floor.
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    Stained Concrete

    Not to high jack this thread, but does anyone know how they would create the border from the kitchen tile to the stain concrete? I'm interested in doing this in our LR as well
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    If you only had 3 more days...

    I would not pig out like most people would. Those 3 days of eating bad will probably set you back about 5 days of trying to burn off those 3 days of bad eat,. my .2cents
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    What's going to become of

    There is a Tom Thumb going up just down FM 423/Lebanon... I wish Academy or some type of sports store would open there...or maybe something for the kids to be entertained like those indoor bounce places.
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    Fires in Grayhawk

    Nothing new on the fires? I woke up in the middle of the morning around 3:35am to the sound of sirens and just thought I hope it's not another house fire. I live near FM423/Eldorado.
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    Fires in Grayhawk

    If it was one of them? As in LE resident? C'mon get real, I live in Eldorado West off 423/Eldorado which IS down the street and we're also in high alert due to the fires because this person can strike anywhere anytime. I wouldnt doubt if it was a resident of the same community since it...
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    How does your neighborhood access your pool?

    I'm in Eldorado West...our HOA went from Card to a security person checking people's ID to get in. There had been problems with kids inviting all their teenage friends over then going to the pool. Which I did witness once and they took over more than half the pool and jumping off the water...
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    How much is your electric bill?

    This... we're on average billing too. 3200sq ft and bill is 185-200 a mo. we're keeping AC at 76 down stairs/77 upstairs
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    Anyone know where to get an alignment that's not $100?

    Not sure where in Frisco you live, but there's an auto shop next to the Discount Tire on FM 423 North of Eldorado. They did my truck few months back and believe I paid between $60-70