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    Unusual prblem with the interior wall (video)

    It got this way relatively quickly, enough to pop the nails out of the sheetrock. There appears to be a 2x4 possibly warping in the wall that backs up to the guest bathroom... Is it foundation problem (never had the foundation problem before, no cracks in the walls inside and outside) or...
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    Any feedback about Dr Catherine M. Chen or Cynthia Beauchamp?

    We're planning an eye surgery for our daughter (3 y.o.) Choosing between these two doctors. I would appreciate any feedback.
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    Car scratch repair. Looking for a good place to fix.

    With all the construction that is going on in Frisco right now I got a few scratches on my brand new car. I run over some kind of a wiring dropped on the road. I should have chosen a road that is not even close to the construction sites. I'll be smarter now. Does anybody know a good place to...
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    Need a recommendation for a good ENT pediatrician doctor

    Need a recommendation for a good ENT pediatrician doctor in Frisco/Plano. Thanks.
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    Question about credit unions: Texans Credit Union, Credit Union of Texas...

    I was thinking about joining a credit union for a basic banking needs and just couldn't figure out which one to choose. Ive heard some good and bad stuff about Texans Credit Union and nothing about Intouch and Credit Union of Texas. Are there any significant differences between them?
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    What's considered a good mortgage rate today?

    We have got our mortgage for 4.25%... Is it considered still good these days or should we look for refinance?
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    Fisihing with 5 yo son... Need advice.

    I am going fishing with my 5 yo son for the first time. Are there nice places good for fishing and looking kind of wild, up to 1.5-2 hours drive from Frisco and ideally not too crowded? Thanks.
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    Non-contact car wash in Frisco

    I just can't find quality non-contact car washing services in North-West Frisco. Thanks. P.s. The one at Shell (at the intersection of Preston and Lebanon) is just awful. Please don't use it. It washes only 2/3 of your car and probably even less of a truck.
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    Feedback needed on the Starwood Montessori...

    How are they academic wise? Are they mostly "entertaining" or educating center? Thanks.