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    Selling of a wedding ring

    I think it depends of what your ring looks like............Post a pic or description if you can. I bought a new diamond for my ring off of here :)
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    Looking for an alarm company

    Another vote for Smith Thompson
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    Air Conditioner Repair Recommendations

    I have Kings of Comfort as one of the ones to call in future if needed. Glad you got running again Texas Dream Cruise. I had a GREAT experience with Rock Solid Heating & Cooling. John was quick with responses........on time........happy to help with my warranty issue (unlike others :( ), and...
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    Air Conditioner Repair Recommendations

    I did a search, and most threads were a few years old. We have a leak in the coil upstairs, so will need it replaced. It is a Rheem unit, so need someone who can do the warranty work. Big Bear is not interested in doing the work because after taking over Delbert's business (those of us who...
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    Does anyone use Mathew Lewis for sports photos?

    Looks like he has not posted to it since 2012, but I messaged him. Now to hope he sees it and responds. Thank you!
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    Does anyone use Mathew Lewis for sports photos?

    I have tried for months to get a hold of Mathew Lewis of Frisco Photography. Here is his website: I have filled out the contact us form 2 or 3 times and called the phone number that I have, but no responses. Do you know him, or have another way to contact...
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    iPod Nano 5th Generation Battery

    Decided to pull out my iPod to use while walking. The battery will not hold a charge. After researching, it looks like I need to replace the battery. Apple wants $60 to do that! Looks too intimidating for me to try myself. Where can I take it for a new battery locally that won't cost so...
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    Have you used Apple Orthodontix?

    Three of us in our family have used Apple Orthodontics. All of us had great expereinces. We went to the Frisco office on Lebanon.
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    Nail Salons

    Speaking of nails.......what type do ya'll have done? Gel, Drip or Acrylic? I had my nails done for the first time in years before my DS's wedding. I went with the gel. Would love to keep doing my nails, but I need them to go as close to 3 weeks as possible. The gel seems lucky to go 2 weeks. I...
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    Fall Festivals or Craft Fairs

    Does anyone have a list of upcoming fall festivals or craft fairs? I am interested in having a booth, but not sure where to start. Thank you!
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    Local Travel Agent?

    Congratulations! Where is your daughter going on her honeymoon? My son is getting married in December. We will be calling JoAnn sometime next week. :)
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    Need a Plumber ASAP

    I called a few other numbers while waiting on Glenn to call back and none could get out today. Glenn texted me that he was tied up but would send one of his workers. He got here at 5:00 so all fixed again. Glenn had put insulation up the wall and around the pipe last time, but to no avail...
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    Need a Plumber ASAP

    I need a plumber AGAIN! I have a pipe in the garage that has busted 4 times now. 2 times in 2011, again on January 6th and NOW today! All 4 breaks are in the same 12" section. I have used Glen the last 3 times, wondering if I need to call someone else. I can't get a hold of him. I turned...
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    Express Cheer, Spirit of Texas or Texas Cheerleader

    If your child participates in any of the above, have you bought the pictures or videos off here: How hard is it to get an email or call back? TIA!
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    Plantation Shutter install recommendations

    Neighbors across the street used American Eagle Blinds & Shutters HERE. They look great and they were very pleased. When I am ready, I will call them.
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    Sprinkler Company Recomendations

    We used Gabriel Alarcon after a recommendation on here. He is AWESOME! I would highly recommend him. Precision Sprinkler Solutions Gabriel Alarcon 214-334-2200
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    Missing Dog!!!

    Jovi has been found in a field and reunited with her owners. Thank you to everyone who kept an eye out.
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    Missing Dog!!!

    My friends dog got loose from the groomer on Main street near Double Dip Custard today around 3 pm. Small Shih Tzu named Juvi. Last possible sighting was Walmart on Preston Rd. Please if you see or catch this little one please call or text 214-914-8153.
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    Dr. Katherine White or Dr. Kathryn Wood ???

    Should have searched better ;) It is for my yearly exams - pap smear, mammograms, etc.... I have had malignant cancer before, so need to make sure and stay on top of all that stuff. I would not think that a family doctor would suffice for those tests.
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    Looking for Family doctor

    Our family uses Dr. Kris Pepperell at Hillcrest Family Medicine. All of us love him and his nurse! Hillcrest Family Medicine