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    Candy Thief

    This year I left a bowl of candy out with a note that said- Please take two pieces. The video is watching you :) Problem solved. And yes, I learned my mistake from last year. BTW we don't have a video, but I assumed that the older kids who could read wouldn't know that.
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    Did You Smell That?

    Went to the Y (right beside Kroger) today and nearly barfed running in there- Gross! The front desk lady told me they are laying the field right behind the Y.
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    Common Core Math is the devil

    My daughter is only in 3rd grade, so I've not had as many troubles as some of you have had. Our biggest struggle so far was expanded form addition and subtraction problems (although I think that was from second grade- funny how the years start to blur together), it took forever and I didn't see...
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    Anyone suffer from hemorrhoids

    Only time that I've gotten bad ones was with giving birth and they gave me an inexpensive sitz bath at the hospital? I used it 3 times a day' and it helped a lot. Doctor them, and time, other then that, no suggestions; they are part of life.
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    Mom jailed for breastfeeding while drinking, waitress later fired

    I don't see this as much of a story, since both parties appear to be in the right- Mom thought she was doing what was best in her interest (getting a buzz after a funeral which was not against the law in Toad Stuck, Arkansas) and waitress thought she was doing what was correct by reporting a...
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    The Overeprotected Kid

    I remember going up in Coppell TX in the early 80s. We played a multitude of different games in the large empty block that was behind our house. We would play everyday after school until it got dark. Our imaginations and the thrill of building something new that was just ours, even if it was to...
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    Malaysia airline Jet?

    After reading these posts last night, my mind must have been on overload as I had a dream about being on the flight. Today I found this article really good. Basically it's written from the perspective of a pilot.
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    I'm sure it's been asked, but I don't recall seeing it

    Stay at home mom/volunteer/painter. I was previously an elementary art teacher. BTW I guess I haven't posted in some time, as I was asked to agree to the new/old FOL rules before I posted my response. Boy, you FOLers must have been pretty bad the last couple of months.
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    Sound of Music

    Anyone else watch? I kept my kids up hoping school would be postponed (and the luck was good- ready for Vegas baby). A little disappointed, but the kids loved it. I thought Carrie could sing, but the acting, not so much. Still a little surprised the vampire from True Blood could do both. I'm...
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    Lime Green Plastic Christmas Balls

    I saw some beautiful lime green (some glittery, some regular) plastic fruit (pears I believe) ones at TJ Max in the back aisle against their wall for $20 for a box of say 15-20. Seriously contemplated buying them.
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    Trending on Facebook

    I guess there are people that can either wear lipstick, people that can't wear lipstick, and then people that will try to insult those who wear lipstick. Good to know.
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    Art in school

    Agreed. When I taught in elementary PISD, it was more trying to master the style/ craft (how they did an oil pastel watercolor painting, a construction paper weaving, an Escher Op Art lesson) and I see the same thing in my daughters school; so I know at least they are getting the basics and...
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    Trending on Facebook

    I think when you don't know the person, such as with (the majority of) FOL, I like to know small interesting/different tidbits, but over 3ish and I don't really read it, because I don't really know them and I'll never remember. But I enjoy reading the FB top lists because I actually can put an...
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    Miso Soup

    I love Miso soup at restaurants, but would like to have it on hand at my house for those cold days to come. Anyone know where to buy it? (A friend was telling me that she bought some in the refrigerator section up front in Target on El Dorado a year ago, but that she hasn't found it again. It...
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    Napolis main/Teel old double Dave's

    I had a lunch date here yesterday with my girlfriend and had a wonderful experience. We will be back. This will definitely be a go to place for lunch or an early dinner, especially since it is so close. Pros- Amazing quality food for the price! I loved the predinner bread and sauce, had a...
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    Went to the new Jake's...

    We went to Jake's tonight and I was pleasantly surprised (granted I waited a while for the kinks to get sorted out.) The hamburgers were great- I loved my jalapeno burger. The sweat potato fries were good, not great, but my husbands loaded everything fries were great from what little I had :)...
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    MDO in a church??

    +1 It was a great MDO for kids socialization and getting them accustomed to following routines with amazing and caring teachers and staff. But if you want more academics based, we loved Applecreek too (more pricey though.)
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    Are you a surfer? "paddling out"

    My husband is/was a surfer too and I've gone a couple of times. Paddling out is definitely the hardest, even if you are in good condition, especially when you have to dunk the board under the wave. My husband (after numerous tries to do it myself and him trying to tow me out) finally took me to...
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    Give props to your restaurant server

    The manager at Quaker Steak and Lube who works the weekend (we were there a couple Sundays ago) was extremely nice and personable. He came over to our table to tell my husband that his tapped beer was out and gave him and me a free Cider that is popular right now. He chatted with us for a couple...
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    Where can I donate fabric sample books?

    If you have a child, your kids art teacher would probably love them. I use to use them for all sorts of holiday projects- like to be cut up as scarfs and hats for snowmen and the such when I use to teach elementary art.