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  1. Baysyd

    Appears missing man found

    Surprised this hasn't already been getting hashed out in here.
  2. Baysyd

    Frisco gun club

    What happened today? Lots of police and fire earlier today, noon ish.
  3. Baysyd

    Another mattress store??

    Driving down main St yesterday and saw ultimate fitness is now a mattress store.... When did that happen?
  4. Baysyd

    2am alcohol question at polls is a mess IMO.

    I'm not real happy with the way Frisco worded the 2am alcohol sales vote choice. Essentially : "An Ordinance to repeal an Ordinance that Frisco enacted to stop 2am sales". You are "for Ordinance" or "against Ordinance"???? Why can't it be simple like "do you want 2am alcohol sales...
  5. Baysyd

    Yet another lookalike to get shot/killed over Why do companies continue to make weapons that look real?
  6. Baysyd

    Gamers have a question

    When I game I use the PC and keyboard mouse combo. never got the hang of a console controller. What do you guys think of this set up? Might actually work or fluff?
  7. Baysyd

    Serioulsy? Plano allowing watering

    Because they have done so good at conserving they get to water an extra day....just this once. Yeah right. How stupid. We are all trying to save water and if they are doing Great then why sully it with using MORE water??? How many other cities will take this same approach? Ultimately...
  8. Baysyd

    Chicken chicken chicken.....

    Popeyes, Chik fi la, KFC, Chicken Express, Golden Chick, Canes, PDQ, and Wingstop ALL on Preston between main and 121. This does not include the wing places that are not stand alone along Preston or BWW by the mall. They are starting to over run the mattress stores....
  9. Baysyd

    Stage 3

    Ok so Frisco stage 3 is watering only on our trash day yet the NTMWD says every other week. So which is it? If we are every other week which week do we water on? Link(s) on Frisco city site would help.
  10. Baysyd

    Denton vs Collin co

    Tax rates different? Homeowners/auto insurance more or less? Are there other taxes collected/not collected that Collin does/does not? Anyone moved from one to the other and noticed an increase or decrease on similar size home?
  11. Baysyd

    Fundraiser Boys and Girls club of Collin Co

    Poker Charity tournament if your interested go to Apparently you can also play Blackjack. I'm not a gambler but know some of you are.
  12. Baysyd

    Here we go again.....

    Seems to be the new place to go shooting....
  13. Baysyd

    Frisco just bashed, joked about, etc.... on Jay Leno

    Over Christmas parties elves and trees at a particular school
  14. Baysyd

    Main st closed

    between preston and hillcrest. Some sort of truck trailer roll over blocking both lanes.
  15. Baysyd

    Hope Park Grand Opening!!

    AWESOME!!! Had a Great time in helpinig to build it and had a Great time today seeing how it all turned out!! I dont cry much but there were times I about started to shed a tear just because it was so Awesome to see all those kids playing at the park we all helped build for them!! The...
  16. Baysyd

    Something positive about the Boston Marathon....!/lwell
  17. Baysyd

    For those that always ask

    The motor vehicle offices now take credit cards to pay for your license plate renewals and title transfers. 2% fee Property tax now has a 2.3% fee if you go in rather than pay online thru their online pay service. This does not affect the drivers license office, just plates and county taxes.
  18. Baysyd

    OK Which of you owns this car???

    Sorry it isnt mine......
  19. Baysyd

    WOW saw this one on the same site as Dumb and Dumber!

    Mini cooper doing a back flip!
  20. Baysyd

    The Dumb and Dumber label is perfect!!!