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  1. Mommyp

    NTTA Tolls for OOS (Out of State) plates

    Anybody know if NTTA charges out of state plates?? If they do, what danger is there of not paying?? Since almost all of my cars are registered out of state at this point, I'm ready to collect some services for illegal payment charges previously remitted to that bastard agency.
  2. Mommyp

    Traveling with dog

    Finally reaching the point where we are relocating the dogs from N. Texas to NM. One of our dogs does not like driving in the car. Any tips on knocking the beast out for the 10 hours to NM?? A dopey 10 hours is better than a panting, fidgeting 10 hours.
  3. Mommyp

    Well, I bought my first cryptocurrency

    Since I am counter culture I avoided the Doc Marten Bitcoin and went with Ethereum. Transaction was pretty smooth. Loaded Coinbase on my phone to get started, validated my email and phone, registered a credit card and poof. Bought me some Etherum.
  4. Mommyp

    Long Haul Mover - Recommendations

    Anyone have a good recommendation on a long haul mover??
  5. Mommyp

    Nice to see all the new board moderators in place and doing their jobs - FAIL!

    TALK TALK TALK - No action. Well other than kicking a few blatant racists off the board.
  6. Mommyp

    I need to add oils back into woodwork.

    I recently bought a 30 year old house in the high desert of New Mexico. The woodwork is very dry. I'd like to find a product that can restore some oils back into the wood. Any master woodworkers out there with a product??
  7. Mommyp

    If you are a real poster and not a spammer please suffix your topics with "-REAL" -REAL

    At this point FOL could be used to message ISIS communications and nobody would be watching. Take back FOL!!
  8. Mommyp

    Amazon Acquires Pharmacuetical license

  9. Mommyp

    When did FOL "Jump the Shark"??

    Since FOL is in Hospice care this point, when did FOL jump the shark??
  10. Mommyp

    Former Equifax CEO turning Congressional inquiry into marketing opportunity

    WHEN WILL Financial CEOs be held accountable???!!! I want salary/bonus clawbacks and federal perp walks. This is complete BS!!!
  11. Mommyp

    Why Frisco may lose the HQ2 bidding

    HQ2 is this year's moon shot for urban planners. Who ever wins the Amazon deal will have a transformative employer that will propel the community for decades economically, educationally and culturally. The RFP criteria are pretty simple..... A metro area with one million or more residents A...
  12. Mommyp

    I'm here in Bronco land and I need to punk some Bronco fans

    I need some ideas!! Office environment.
  13. Mommyp

    McDonald's - ordering kiosks

    Any used them in Frisco??? I've used them twice here in NM and I do not like them at all. Takes longer to order and requires too much data entry.
  14. Mommyp

    Near real time storm damage map/photos
  15. Mommyp

    Cowboys texans game cancelled

    Houston players wanted to return back to help. I get that, but I think in the long run a bog check would be appreciated more.
  16. Mommyp

    Anyone sheltering a Harvey refugee??

    I'm curious about the tone regarding rebuilding back in Houston.
  17. Mommyp

    How do the car gods know when I do not have my tools??

    Uhg! I bought a Dodge Durango 4x4 from our dear federal government. It rained heavily on the NM mountain top Sunday night and it was 4x4 LOW all the way down to 5000 ft base, Then back up to 7200 feet to the Mesa of Los Alamos and Pffft!! The engine throws a Electronic Throttle control...
  18. Mommyp

    Another V-22 Osprey incident

    You could not get me into one of those flying death traps. Build a plane and build a helicopter but for goodness sake the mashup is just not working. For the price of one V-22 ($72.1 MILLION per unit) you buy both helicopter and a troop plane. It's a bad concept...
  19. Mommyp

    Cowboys Superbowl Victory!!!!

    We are on our way!!!! What a HUGE victory last night. I cannot imagine the 'Boys losing a game all season.
  20. Mommyp

    Solar Eclipse!!! What were you doing in 1979??

    I remember being my middle school English class sitting at my desk watching the clock and looking outside. I had already punched a few holes into a piece of paper making a poor man's pin hole camera. Most kids did not really know what was going to happen. As the first indentation on the...