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  1. jrick

    Best roofing company

    J's Roofing has taken care of my roof and many in my subdivision for years. Always great service with a smile and good rates.
  2. jrick

    Where is the lively conversation that FOL used to have?

    First time I have taken a peak over here in a while! I remember putting a "face with a font" at the FOL happy hours at Rover. What fun that was!
  3. jrick

    FOL Friendships: People and Friends we've met and stayed in touch with on FOL.

    It has been fun connecting with many FOLers on Facebook.
  4. jrick

    Cutting the cord - is there a good option?

    We have an HD antenna in the attic above a second floor bedroom. Reception is great and picture is better than cable was.
  5. jrick

    Question about the proposed Oncor Sub Station

    What is so awful about one of these substations anyway? There is one near Centennial High School between the school and a subdivision and you barely even notice it.
  6. jrick

    Cutting the cord - is there a good option?

    We cut cable TV almost 3 years ago and had an HD antenna installed. TWC internet speed is fast enough and with a reliable wifi/router, we can stream Netflix while having adequate bandwidth for other devices in the house. Saved over $100/per month by cutting cable TV and landline.
  7. jrick

    CITY HOUSE coming to your neighborhood

    You beat me to it, Barbwire....when I saw this today, I wanted to share it here, also.
  8. jrick

    CITY HOUSE coming to your neighborhood

    More about City House and the work they do:
  9. jrick

    CITY HOUSE coming to your neighborhood

    City House began in Plano over 25 years ago. It has served homeless Youth and more for a long time. We have a large number of homeless Youth in our city now. I am glad City House is expanding to help meet the need! My wife and I volunteer with Safe Families for Children DFW. We host children of...
  10. jrick

    Roofing Companies

    J's Roofing has given me and many of my friends excellent, friendly service for reasonable prices over the years.
  11. jrick

    Do you like to drive?

    Love driving on long road trips.
  12. jrick

    Need Roof Repair?

    If you need roof repair due to the recent storms, I highly recommend J's Roofing. They can be reached at J's Roofing 972-245-7663 They will be replacing my roof soon and have performed many minor repairs, shingle replacements over the years for...
  13. jrick

    Grayhawk - Late Night / Heavy Equipment Noise

    This is just a post to test FOL replies. Someone reported FOL was getting errors posting.
  14. jrick

    Welcome back!

    Is there an Android app?
  15. jrick

    Antenna installation

    I recently dumped cable and just have high speed internet. With cable being used for internet, could I still put my antenna in the attic and find a place to connect it? How would I hook into TV if outlet downstairs is used for internet?
  16. jrick

    Traffic apps

    I liked Waze for a while, until I saw what a battery hog it was. Uninstalled it after that. Just use Google Maps if I see a problem. I will check out Inrix.
  17. jrick

    Shared fence question

    Replacing the wood posts with metal posts sounds like the best idea. Way less expensive, too. I had a nice fence, with arc trim, etc, put up on my non-shared fence when I replaced it. On the shared fence, my neighbor and I worked together to get it replaced. He bought the materials, me and my...
  18. jrick

    Ground Separating from Foundation

    How long are you watering? Best to not turn faucet on full when using soaker hoses. Turn water on enough to fill the entire hose and let it run a long time.
  19. jrick

    Do you say "I'm fixing to"?

    All the time. Right along with y'all. And like others have noted, there is no "g," it's "fixin to."
  20. jrick

    Revolution (spoiler alert)

    I was thinking the same thing about the power suddenly popping back on all over the However, this has been a very good season and I like how they have tied the "human experience" to the loss of electricity. Very surprising "twist" to end it, though, don't you think? Has me waiting...