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  1. BeerGirl

    NOT SPAM - Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    I'm in a food coma and very thankful for my friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving FOL!
  2. BeerGirl

    REAL: FOL moderators, can I be one too?

    I could at least commit to logging in daily for thirty days and deleting spam. ...except for the week I'm on a cruise later this month. I can't afford to log in then. :D Come on FOL, let me moderate for a month or two and help clean up the pages of spam on the board!
  3. BeerGirl

    Frisco Onliners Unite

    ...or at least we united. I love this guy. BeerMan are you out there? Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  4. BeerGirl

    Skylanders Swap Force for XBOX One

    My son is selling his Skylanders Swap Force $30 Comes with Portal and the following 9 Figures. I have a picture but cannot manage to attach it! Email me! beaniestiney @ yahoo Wash Buckler Zoo Lou Enchanted Hoot Loop Night Shift Ninja Elf Blizzard Chill Boom Jet Mega Ram Spyro...
  5. BeerGirl

    Built Ins

    We want floor to ceiling built Ins in our family room. We would need it to go around tower speakers, a center channel our t.v. and all those other electronics...and then have all the other shelves and doors and cabinets. Has anyone else done this and have recommendations? Sent from my...
  6. BeerGirl

    Happy Birthday van!

    A little late but happy birthday van! I hope you're having fun and smile when you see this!
  7. BeerGirl

    Garage Sale May 1-2

    Friday /Saturday 8602 Pebblebrook Drive 8a - 2p Multi- Family Clothes, Purses, Walker/Chair, vintage wine glasses, kitchen gadgets, linens and more.
  8. BeerGirl

    Another Happy Hour

    I know we just had one (relatively speaking), but after the stress of the last month I want another one! Anyone in? Thinking early May!
  9. BeerGirl

    Hutchins BBQ

    When did they originally change the name to Randy White's? BeerMan and I are arguing about it. I say 2003+ and BeerMan says 3002 -
  10. BeerGirl

    Parental Monitoring Devices & Computer

    I can't manage to search on tapatalk. Sorry if this is outtere. Does anyone here use the net nanny family protection plan? I am trying to figure out if we can use it on all our devices. RootBeer has an ipod, an android tablet and then his laptop and our desktop. Hops has an ipod and a...
  11. BeerGirl

    State Fair - Discount Days

    I know I have seen a list in years past about what days you can get discounted or free tickets if you bring something to the state fair. Does anyone have this list? Like, donate food - get in for free - bring soda cans get in for discounted...that kind of stuff? We're looking to go a weekday...
  12. BeerGirl

    Dita Von Teese Burlesque for FREE

    I have two tickets to Dita Von Teese's Burleque show tonight at 7:30 for the House of Blues. Anyone interested in the tickets?
  13. BeerGirl

    Hostess Gifts while travelling?

    I will be taking a summer trip with my kids and we'll be staying with six different sets of people. We're driving so space isn't a terrible issue. What is something I can make to give to each person I stay with? In the past I made homemade soap. My mom has in the past brought homemade cards...
  14. BeerGirl

    Pirate Party

    We had a pirate party last year and my son wants another this year. Last year it was a giant headache. We had a pirate dress up station first, then we had a treasure hunt, some game where they tried to bomb ships, they threw paper balls at each other and each team had a pirate ship (cut from...
  15. BeerGirl

    Those Baylor Health Bone Keychains

    They were giving them out at the Balyor Health Fair last year or the year before - anyone have an extra one? I am making a craft (has to be completed tomorrow). I need one of these keychains. I have one already and I want all the bones to match on the project. Anyone else have one...
  16. BeerGirl

    Mandolin Lessons

    Any recommendations on local mandolin lessons? I took a few lessons from the guy out of Music and Arts, but he only teaches in the afternoon and I want something during the day while the kids are in school. I have been working through a book myself, but would prefer some help!
  17. BeerGirl

    Pumpkin Patch

    I am looking for a pumpkin patch that will appeal to my 6 year old as well as my 11 year old. Are there any that have the really tall hay mazes around here or other stuff that might appeal to my older son?
  18. BeerGirl


    You won my window cleaning!
  19. BeerGirl

    Computer Safety

    I know there has been a thread, but I cannot manage to find it. My son got his first laptop and we're looking for some sort of software to monitor his activity. We looked at the parental controls that came on the laptop and weren't impressed. Recommendations?
  20. BeerGirl

    Frisco Family Fun Ride

    Hey there - anyone have more information on this than what is listed? It just has a time and place, no details or sign up (I know in the past you've had to preregister).