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    Wade Park Progress

    😂😂😂 He's waiting for the bankruptcy prices probably.
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    Air Conditioning & Heating

    Lucas Heat & Air we have used them for years. So honest, great rates. They are incredibly knowledgeable and never try to sell us something we don't need. They don't even advertise, 100% of their business are referrals and their crews are busy. That says something. 👍
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    Wade Park Progress
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    Wade Park Progress

    Absolutely zero activity going on there. I'm concerned about it.
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    Any updates on Wade Park?

    Why did they have to dig the giant hole? Based on the renderings of the build out, I don't see it. Unless they planned on underground shopping like in Downtown Dallas.
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    Any updates on Wade Park?

    Drove by this morning around 9:30. Nary a soul. I think I saw a tumbleweed rolling past it. Apparently the owners are knee deep in bankruptcy on a billion dollar project near Nashville. They have until Halloween. I hope Frisco has a Plan B for this property, just in case...
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    Any updates on Wade Park?

    No one working during business hours can't be a good sign. I found this article from last fall, the company building WP has filed bankruptcy on several properties in the past. That isn't a good sign either...
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    Any updates on Wade Park?

    Is this in progress or abandoned? I only glance at it driving on DNT but it looks the same every time to me. It's hard to imagine that it was started before The Star.
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    Who can do a palm tree pedicure? West Frisco

    Know of a salon in west Frisco who does good images?
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    Missing brown male Doxie (dachshund/weenie dog)

    Last seen Eldorado/423. This family is devastated. $1000 reward.
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    I don't understand why this place isn't busier

    We've eaten there about 6 times. Love their fajitas and fajita nachos. Tastes almost exactly like Blue Goose without the crowd or wait. We like Salsa, but we always have to wait or are packed in too close to other people. We cut in next to Jack in The Box office of Legacy and drive through. The...
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    Burger 21

    I think the best burger in Frisco is Bonnie Ruth's. Omg! I was so surprised, never would have guessed their's would be so good. Leagues above the ones mentioned, IMHO.
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    First Review: Fede Trattoria (Eldorado & DNT)

    Went there to eat and found the doors closed. Sad. They were really good. I know a lot of people don't like the chains, but apparently it is hard to stay in biz if you are a mom & pop shop. We are loving the new Rockfish though!
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    Pralines... Where to purchase locally?

    Texas Treasures @ Stonebriar Mall is the only place that I can find chewy pralines for my husband. They are Lamm especially brand, made in Austin I believe. Some Mexican restaurants will sell the individual hard ones. Some Walgreen's do as well by the counter.
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    Hula Hut - Little Elm

    Love the one in Austin, can't wait to try it!
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    Poor Kid

    Think MIT will be calling?
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    Need somoewne with a truck for very junkhauling

    A lot of times you can get rid of things on Frisco has a pretty active group.
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    Bobcat in Griffin Parc

    Well I feel so much better with all of your experiences. We had a lot of coyote experience where we used to live and I was ok with them. And y'all are so right about the bunnies! Omg, it's a bunny buffet for them. We also have a giant hawk that lurks over here and I photographed bathing and...
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    First Review: Fede Trattoria (Eldorado & DNT)

    Friday before last we we didn't want to go far because of the storm and based on reviews here, gave Fede's a try. Apparently a lot of other people did too as we had to wait about 10 min. We weren't expecting much, but boy were we suprised. The mushroom appetizer was so good I dreamed about them...
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    Bobcat in Griffin Parc

    This may be a common thing, but it wasn't to me. Drove down our street a week ago about 6:30pm and a male bobcat was walking through the bushes in front of at least 5 houses, including front doors. It then jumped in someone's back yard. I contacted animal control, but they were closed, so I...