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    If you drive drunk, you deserve to die....

    .....not the people you run into. I thank god my daughter and her friend and her mom are okay! If you haven't heard, a moron plowed thru a crowd near the end of the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade today. Three people are dead, but of course not the woman who caused the...
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    Couple morons from Frisco rob Pizza Hut in Dallas

    LOL with a small propane canister and a lighter Idiots!!
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    For sports parents

    My brother, who successfully coaches youth sports tagged this picture and sent it to me.
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    A bad weather love story

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    Moving to a decomissioned missile silo!

    Oh goody.... More fun weather on its way later today. Storm Chasers Link for May 25
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    First Lawsuit against Twin Peaks from adjacent business

    From what is being described as the first of many lawsuits from other businesses in the shopping center against Twin peaks in Waco has been filed. Don Carlos has filed for among other things being forced to close when the brouhaha went down causing loss of business. They're also claiming TP...
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    square business cards. huh?

    When did perfectly square business cards become a thing? I was handed one today and it was weird. The dimension were the height of a regular business card, but cut down to be square. Personally I think it will get easily lost. I've never seen this before in the business world.
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    Happy Chocolate Egg Day

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    FCS Championship game right now!!

    If you aren't watching the game on ESPN2, you're missing a heck of a game.. Ill. State just came back to take the lead with 1:38 left. The place is packed and rocking, and Frisco is front and center. Both team's fan bases traveled VERY well.
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    Black Friday througout history

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    Christmas puzzler

    If you get it please don't give it away. Let others have fun with it :)
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    Some music for you

    I turned on the recording software last night and did some improv while programming some new synth sounds. Here's a little thing I came up with. Very Kraftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre style. One take, again just messing around adjusting filters, envelopes, etc. while playing. For full...
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    Contract Attorney

    I have not needed legal representation here as of yet. I would just like some good ideas for a contract attorney in the area who can deal with some basic management/artist contracts. Thank you in advance pm me if you prefer that. ETA: I'm not suing anyone, just preparing to engage...
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    Revenge porn or no? (safe post)

    Interesting story I just read about. An ex girlfriend wants to have her ex boyfriend charged under the auspices of "Revenge porn," that's been hitting the courts lately. However, there's an interesting twist. The ex BF doesn't and didn't posses any pictures, nor post any of the pictures...
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    Illegally parked then towed

    Would you get mad? Apparently no parking signs on private property are meaningless to some people. I watched a woman get totally bent out of shape when she found her car had been towed from someone's paid for covered parking at my townhouse complex. The reserved spaces are clearly marked...
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    Homicide... never mind already potsed

    Never mind.... already posted
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    Help find stolen guitar

    Hey all....just networking here. A guitar was stolen from Club Dada in the last couple days. It's an Orange Gretsch Hollowbody that belonged to a now passed musician who worked at the club. Especially to my fellow musicians, if you see something like this in your travels around D/FW...
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    Frisco sports parents need to read this article

    Not everyone is like this, but in my long time involved with various Frisco youth sports with my now grown up child, I sure saw a whole lot of it. Changing the ride home after the game
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    Digitech RP500 Multi-Effects Guitar pedal

    Hey all, I am selling my Digitech RP500. In perfect condition. I just don't need it anymore. $175
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    Fee Schedule for Song Requests

    Cash only, please :)