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  1. Singapore Sling

    Who remembers GladysKravitz?

    I know a lot of the old timers remember her & probably wonder wonder what happened to her. Well, her & her husband are living their DREAM! About a year & a half ago, they moved to Tucumcari, New Mexico & bought a vintage, historic motor court & have been lovingly restoring it since. I stopped in...
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    BBQ Grill Replacement Regulator/Hose?

    We need a replacement regulator/hose for our grill. I have already checked the website for the store we bought it at (Lowes) & they carry NONE. We will stop in later to check, but where else local can we look? And are they typically universal parts or are they going to be size specific? Thanks!
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    I am taking a short trip with my littles to Granbury next week. Where are nice places to stay & things to do while there? And nice places to eat? Thanks! :)
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    Jenn-Air or Bosch or Thermador or Viking?

    We are looking to put in a new induction cooktop...we are looking at 2 particular units, but was wondering if a Thermador or Viking is actually worth the extra $1000-$2000? I am leaning toward no, but I do cook a LOT & often cook "in bulk" i.e. 16 quarts of sauce at a time & I have a 23 qt...
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    Restaurant in Grapevine...

    We are doing a double mom/daughter date with some friends in Grapevine on a Sunday at the end of the month. What fun places are there down there? What are good places to eat? Thanks! :)
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    Good brunch places in & around Frisco?

    What are some good brunch places in & around Frisco that wouldn't require a LONG wait on a Sunday mid-afternoon? Thanks!
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    Anyone willing to do a trade?

    I will swap you a bunch of empty baby food jars in exchange for some customized homemade body scrubs & things. :)
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    Talk to me about Induction Cooktops

    I REALLLLLY wish I could just have gas again, but out here we only have propane & I don't want to go through the hassle of installing it in the kitchen at the point. The KitchenAid electric glass cooktop was severely chipped when we bought the it has a crack all the way up the center...
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    Eye Exams

    Our daughter fell & broke her glasses beyond repair yesterday. Since she is due for her annual exam in October, I want to just get that done now, so we don't end up having to get an all new Rx then. I already set up an appointment for her, but the earliest they could get us in on the 14th. Are...
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    Metal Roofing?

    We are building a big deck cover & are thinking about putting a metal roof on it. We will need probably 1100 sq ft or so. Any recommendations on places to look at & purchase from? Thanks!
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    Cool Retro Diners

    Where are the cool Retro diners in the area? I have a friend who is a photographer & needs an old fashioned diner location. Thanks!
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    Laminating Services?

    Where is a good place to get things laminated & what are the usual fees? Thanks! :)
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    Looking for venue for 30-40 people

    I need a venue that can hold 30-40 people for a 2-3 hour class on semi-regular Saturday afternoons. A restaurant would be nice, but I'm not limited to it. Suggestions? Thanks! :)
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    McKinney Farmers Market Fans!!! *Farm Destroyed-Help Needed*

    I know there are many people here who shop the McKinney Farmer's Market. The Hutchins' Family owns Rehoboth Ranch & are at the Farmers Market every week it is in session...they were hit REALLY hard by the tornado the other night. Please consider helping them rebuild. They are such a nice...
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    Contractor for Screen Porch?

    One of the things that made us fall in love with our house is the giant deck outback overlooking the pool & pastures. However, there is NO shade on the entire deck. I don't know who builds a 1600 sq ft deck that faces west & doesn't put any type of cover on it, but I digress. We had a nice...
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    WTB: Old Wooden Storage Shed

    I am looking for an inexpensive, old wooden storage shed to convert into a chicken coop. If you have one, please PM me with pictures, details & asking price. Thanks!
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    Sooooo...this happened.

    I went out to the barn this morning to check on the goats...everything was normal...I was outside talking to the pool guy for a while & everything was normal...our oldest came home from school a couple of hours later, went outside to see the animals & didn't even make it off the deck before...
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    Annnnnnnd....two more...

    We had 3 born on December 5th (lost one a few days after Christmas :( )...another mama had 2 more today! Sorry for the horrible picture from my phone...I will take better ones later. :)
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    I Look Down On Young Women With Husbands & Kids & I'm Not Sorry She sounds like a real peach...I bet she is tons of fun at parties. I can say for certain that I have NEVER met an elderly woman who CHOSE to never have kids &/or never get...
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    4 oz. Mason Jars???

    Does anyone know where I can get the locally? I ordered them from Amazon for a class I am hosting tomorrow & got an email yesterday that they didn't ship when they were supposed to & would not have gotten here in time. Now, I need to go somewhere & buy them. Thanks!