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    Patio you have one?

    I have a "patio" AKA a covered back porch that is 15x35. The 35' dimension is completely open to the back yard on the NORTH side, so wind is definitely a factor. I have a propane torpedo heater rated at 55,000 BTUh which is pointed horizontally across the porch. I would not use any of the...
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    Water Tank on Preston Being Torn Down ?!?!?!?

    As some may know, FISD began with all 12 grades in a single building on Maple Street and ONE football team (my children attended Frisco schools but I did not). Preston Road was a two-lane blacktop with a red blinker light at Main and the water tower nearby. There are now 9 high schools dispersed...
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    Backyard Office

    Go have a chat with the Frisco Building permit folks. Contact the county appraisal district as well. Since you are making changes outside the footprint of existing improvements to the property, there will be consequences, no matter what you do. Learn the definition of a "shed", a "garage" and...
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    Does anyone know how to dispose of a 65 inch TV?

    I had an 'entertainment center' for an analog TV. I slid it out of the house and onto the driveway. A little time with a circular saw and a sawzall reduced it to manageable pieces. Voila' it's no longer an entertainment center; just some chunks of wood and metal. Wear safety glasses and work...
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    Unusual prblem with the interior wall (video)

    Plumbing is a good starting point. If there is an upstairs, look at what is on top of the wall too.
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    Just moved and my water bills seem high. confirmation?

    I do not have a pool but those numbers look like they are 3x what they should be. I would suspect a leak in the slab. pool system or irrigation system. Let's look at June with 26,200 usage. If it were just a bit higher at 30,000 that would be 1,000 gallons PER DAY. Something ought to be...
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    ISO: Cancer Specialty Store

    Survivor Gals 972-599-7677 in Plano
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    Name of High School Yearbook Racially Insensitive: Student

    I found copies of the Frisco High yearbook here: Frisco High School - Coonskin Yearbook (Frisco, TX), Covers 1 - 10 The phrase "coonskin" or "the coonskin" is on the outside front cover and sometimes on the edge binding of the book. It is not hidden/obscured in any way. I conclude that the...
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    Where do people list guest quarters or garage apartments for rent?

    Mid-winter will lower the number of options available. NOW is the time to find a rental to share near a college where someone is departing and not expected to return. The deals are done in May for the following school year.
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    What do you think it was???

    My guess is that you drove over a board with an embedded nail. This punctured the tire but then pulled the nail/screw back out of the tire, leaving a larger hole. Usually a loose nail will remain in the tire, causing a slower leak. The next time you use the car, the tire will be flat and require...
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    Will fridge/freezer work in below freezing weather?

    Freezer thermostats can malfunction for a variety of reasons with the result that the temperature setting on the dial does not match the internal temperature as measured by a reliable thermometer. Think about a clock that is not even running - it will still show the correct time twice each day...
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    auto shut off for washing machine

    When our water heaters were replaced, we had a flood-stop installed on each water heater by the plumber. If the water heater fails and fills the overflow pan with water, the valve will close the cold water supply to the water heater so that only the water already in the heater tank will escape...
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    Where is the lively conversation that FOL used to have?

    No chatty behavior observed in years. Only both ends of the spectrum: solve-my-problem to pointless-disagreement.
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    Air Conditioning & Heating

    BigBear or Kings of Comfort
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    Piano teacher for our son

    How old is your son and what prior piano lessons has he taken?
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    skyrocket water bill

    Our leak was related to the lawn sprinkler system - faulty damage repair - deep green colored grass in a 20 foot circle was the clue. Reviewing the online bar chart of usage showed that it had been markedly increasing over the prior 6 months, not a sudden spike in usage like you have. Is your...