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    Max Droz does my hair and many of my extended family also, for about the last 15 years. He's at Preston and 121. He's a color specialist as well. He gives 10% off to first time clients that reference the recommendation seen on Frisco Online.
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    Nate's Icehouse - Fantastic Food just off 121/Main St

    Yes, it's the same owner - Nathan Peck. He's a super nice guy - he was at The Colony location last time we were in.
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    Nate's Icehouse - Fantastic Food just off 121/Main St

    Stopped into Nate's Icehouse on Main Street just off 121 in The Colony today and found a little corner of New Orleans! Best crawfish I've had locally at a restaurant (David Snell's catering at Grover's for the dog shelter benefit is the exception). The crawfish were large, seasoned well...
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    Cellulitis from an undetermined sting/bite

    Thanks DtF. He's just about all healed up now. I've been in Texas since 1978 and have three sons. None of us, until now, has ever had anything like this happen. We've obviously been super lucky, since it's more common than I'd first thought!
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    Cellulitis from an undetermined sting/bite

    After shower this morning it opened and was oozy, but it looks much better. He went back to school today because the swelling is going down.
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    Cellulitis from an undetermined sting/bite

    So, little Skipper got what they think is a spider bite on his knee. The school nurse drew a circle around the initial redness which spread past the circle last night and this morning. Carenow said it is cellulitis. Steroid shot and antibiotics today and a followup in the morning. He seems...
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    KOLACHE HEAVEN Position Available

    +1 Totally agree with Kenda! Best ever! Good luck finding the right person! :)
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    Great (free) concert at the church that let's you drink & gamble!

    King Diamond is amazing live. Most of his image is just Vaudevillian theatrics, like Alice Cooper's antics. Metallica had him up to do a couple of songs a handful of years ago. I've never seen him without makeup and wonder if I've grocery shopped next to a legend and never knew it.
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    How would you spend your last day of ever working??

    I'd come to work wearing a concert tshirt, motorcycle jacket and steel-toed boots, be very, very honest, and then go get my money.
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    Foster & Adoptive Parents Support Groups

    As an adoptee, I just want to say bless you for adopting. I could have grown up in a complete nightmare. Fortunately, my biological mother cared enough about me to give me up to a family that had the means and desire to raise a child.
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    Divorce Attorney

    You can get a fill in the blank form and file the petition yourself. Doing that part yourself will save you a ton. I did it years ago. In Collin County its now $299, I believe. They don't take credit cards - cash or check only. The forms are online...
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    Chronic Hives, HELP!

    I don't have an immunologist recommendation, but that sounds like the right direction if you have been allergy tested before with no reactions. I get stress-related hives across my chest and throat, but they disappear within several hours or a day, max, of the stress trigger, with a lot of ice...
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    Christmas day meal

    What a bummer - they are usually pretty consistently good. I'm sure JJ is right and they were just underwater and the people that did come in weren't happy about it. I think next Christmas I'm just going to plug in my crockpot after we open gifts and do a roast, or a pot of chili - not...
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    Christmas day meal

    Hope it was good! We did our prime rib dinner on the 23rd family, so yesterday we stayed in jammies and were lazy - Jack in the Box for dinner, lol.
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    Scotty P's

    Used to really like Scotty P's, but then we found Kenny's, and Papi's in The Colony, and there's just no comparison.
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    Christmas day meal

    Buca di Beppo opens at 11a Christmas Day, if you like Italian, served family style.
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    Where to buy fresh quality fish other than Whole Foods?

    Capt'n Dave's Seafood Market in Plano on Alma is where we picked up oysters, scallops and some other goodies for Thanksgiving. I doubt I'll buy seafood anywhere else after finding this market.
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    Frisco police investigate after man held at gunpoint while valuables taken from home

    It was Russ Martin, the dj on 97.1 He's talking about it on air right now.
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    Admin/Personal Assistant

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    Dog owners in Griffin Parc

    What a mess! Glad your pup is okay!