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  1. Frisco Mortgage Guy

    GE convection double oven for sale

    GE profile convection double oven, aprox. 11 years old. Needs a new board ($450 part) installed to correct a persistent F7 error. Asking $150. Geoffrey - 214-529-9622
  2. Frisco Mortgage Guy

    3 days till le Tour

    Just wondering – any of you have interest in the Tour de France after all the dopers messed it up? I still like to watch but have to admit, even as a want to be cyclist – the allure it once had on me has faded some. Granted – it would be interesting if other Pro sports tested for EPO...
  3. Frisco Mortgage Guy

    Town Hall meeting tonight – at Wakeland

    So – any of you going to hear what CoServ is up to with the possible power lines down Main St? Story here on FOL about it: Meeting facilitated via a...
  4. Frisco Mortgage Guy

    At the polls

    Boy do many of us lack patience and/or change! Was at the polls Monday and could hear the “customer” arguing with the “employee” about how names needed to match and they would need to sign a form after voting to get them matched up. “employee” saying – “it is just the way we...
  5. Frisco Mortgage Guy

    Cumulus Stations

    I am a Sports Radio, 1310 The Ticket guy – but on commercial breaks will head over to ESPN 103.3. I am ever amazed at the ESPN guys talking smack towards The Ticket boys – even when both programs are owned by same company? Right? I dig that The Ticket guys seam to ride above all that...
  6. Frisco Mortgage Guy

    Rebel & Piilot need to hug it out

    Reading the way you guys go back and forth reminds me too much of my dysfunctional childhood. That's all I got.
  7. Frisco Mortgage Guy

    Shoe repair

    Have any good referrals to shoe repair stores in Frisco? Use to go to the one down from James Avery but wanted to see what others might be out there. Need some new heal guards and foot beds in the Cole Haan’s that not yet ready to replace. Thanks in advance,
  8. Frisco Mortgage Guy

    DFW diverting planes?

    Been watching a steady stream of lower flying planes heading North then looping West and back South - is this the storm having affects on what runway to use?
  9. Frisco Mortgage Guy

    Dude, somebody's getting skinny!!

    Big Bear was over today to check system after hail storm and he might have to change company name if he keeps it up! Very impressive start for a Bear just out of hibernation!!! Thanks for all you do!!
  10. Frisco Mortgage Guy

    Maroon bluebonnets at UT

    Heard this story on the radio the other day - a well played move since you can't remove them! No ties to either school but good A&M prank!
  11. Frisco Mortgage Guy

    Fed Day - excitement ahead?

    Today is Fed day - the day the mortgage market hates! Why you ask? On Fed day they release the Fed minutes from the last meeting and historically, the Bond market never reacts well to the news, but maybe today will be better? After listening to Janet Yellen speak after the meeting and how...
  12. Frisco Mortgage Guy

    Lake Lavon levels

    Keep it up rain - almost to 50%! Gonna be a tough summer!
  13. Frisco Mortgage Guy

    Key lime pie - who sells them in Frisco

    Called a few stores - no luck - suggestions needed please!!! Thanks in advance!! Geoffrey - 214-529-9622
  14. Frisco Mortgage Guy

    Creating a photo page

    Need some tech help - I have a friend who wants to create a page easily and one the cheap side - suggestions on way to do this? Kind of like when folks show items they have to sell, where you can send out that link - is it easy and affordable? Thanks in advance!!
  15. Frisco Mortgage Guy

    Toyota of Plano

    At some point - the Man Van will be nearing its end and because I am a planner - like to start talking to an honest sales person at Toyota of Plano - have names of a good one you have worked with? Thanks in advance!! Geoffrey
  16. Frisco Mortgage Guy

    3 Stacks Paddy Dash needs your help

    So you might have heard about this 5k event coming up on March 15th in Frisco Square called the 3 Stacks Paddy Dash - and we need some help. Details at The event is in its 6th year and promoted by yours truly and my fellow club members in the Frisco Sunrise Rotary. It is...
  17. Frisco Mortgage Guy

    Over/Under on school tomorrow?

    Thinking my wife would sign up to drive a bus if that would help schools open -
  18. Frisco Mortgage Guy

    Who is running this year for City Council?

    I have done a few searches and can't find any links or articles with who is running in 2014? Lill help? Thanks in advance!!
  19. Frisco Mortgage Guy

    Does winter slow home buyers?

    Home purchase numbers are down a bit - does the cold weather & upcoming SuperBowl play a part in that? Who wants to buy a house in the in cold weather when they can be warm at a SuperBowl party instead? So maybe if the weather warms up after the SuperBowl home sales numbers go up?
  20. Frisco Mortgage Guy

    Sprinklers, really?

    Can we make it one winter without folks turning on their sprinklers at below freezing temps?