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  1. zoohouse3

    White Rock Lake drive time?

    I have to be at a hospital in the White Rock Lake area for a meeting that starts at 8am on a Monday. I know it's going to be a brutal drive, but how much time should I allow for the drive?
  2. zoohouse3

    Criminal Court

    Anyone know someone who works in a criminal court setting? My daughter is supposed to interview someone is or has worked in a criminial court setting. Every single person (lawyers mostly) has decline to answer email questions for her paper. This paper is due 11/10 and she is beginning to panic!
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    So, how is a person supposed to function with both arms in casts? MRI showed a hamate fracture in my right hand, and a hamateand scaphoid fracture in the left, as well as a distal radius fracture in the left. I'm looking at 12 weeks for the left and a minimum of 4 weeks for the right. Of...
  4. zoohouse3

    Injured at WDW

  5. zoohouse3

    1st Communion

    My boss is a single dad and has full custody of his kids. His daughter will be having her 1st communion in early May. Dad bought 2 dress, asked my opinion, and let his daughter decide. She picked a lovely dress. She says all of her friends will be wearing veils with their dresses. Where...
  6. zoohouse3

    Failed Drivers Test

    My daughter is 18 and has never been excited about learning to drive. We forced the issue because, honestly, I'm tired of being a taxi service for her. She took the online adult drivers ed course, we paid for many, many private lessons through Sears, and scheduled her driving test for today...
  7. zoohouse3

    No classes after 12:30 at Collin College

    Daughter just said Collin College posted on twitter that they have canceled all classes today that start after 12:30.
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    Cardiac Ablation

    Has anyone ever had a cardiac ablation for SVT (really fast heartbeat)? My arrythmia doc scheduled one for me for January 30th. My SVT has been crazy that last several months, mostly at night. My highest heart rate was 170 while sleeping, and what concerns me the most, is I didn't wake up...
  9. zoohouse3

    Weird Ebay item received

    I just picked up my mail, and had a padded envelope, with the ebay logo on top. I haven't bought anything recently, didn't recognize the name (Nisar Ahmad), it came from Los Angeles. Inside was only a ziploc bag full of sand. I've checked my ebay and paypal accounts and nothing out of the...
  10. zoohouse3

    School Taxes

    Anyone else receive their school tax statement today? Last year we paid $4215. This years bills is $6864! :shock::sheep:
  11. zoohouse3

    Need a great appetizer and 4 yr old gift

    Hubby and I were invited to his coworkers home for a party this weekend. We are to bring an appetizer to share. I'm not the best cook, but this guy was on MasterChef, so I need something great! Also, need to buy a bday gift for a 4 yr old boy. What's in right now? I do know he likes...
  12. zoohouse3

    Airport entrance

    Anyone flown lately? What is the north airport entrance like? Should I avoid it at all costs? Son is flying out Friday at 11am and wants to be dropped off.
  13. zoohouse3

    PSA: Kids and Dr. Offices

    If you must bring your children with you to your appointment, or perhaps they are the patient and you are bringing siblings along, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PARENT YOUR CHILDREN! Don't get all offended when I step in and redirect your child back to the exam room because they are trying to...
  14. zoohouse3

    2005 Mazda RX-8 Grand Touring

    Selling son's 2005 Mazda RX-8 Grand Touring, mileage 92,500, $11,000. Currently listed on with lots of pictures. car ID: AT-1452C99D Mileage 92,500 Body Style Coupe Exterior Color Red Interior Color Black Engine Rotary Engine Transmission Automatic Drive Type 2...
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    Prom dresses?

    I have been shopping with my daughter to look for a prom dress. She loves the ballgowns, but her friends are wearing a long, tight-fitting dress and a short, tight dress. They are both very thin, daughter is not. What do girls wear to prom these days? Daughter doesn't want to wear a...
  16. zoohouse3

    50th yard decorations

    I'm drawing a blank on yard decorations/art for my hubby's 50th. For my 40th he had a grim reaper and coffins, so I need to come up with something and fast....the big day is Monday. Please help! Y'all are so creative!
  17. zoohouse3

    Nice hotel/restaurant for birthday/anniversary

    Hubby turns 50 on the 20th, and our 27th anniversary is on the 24th. I'm looking for a nice hotel that has a really nice restaurant on property, mainly so we don't have to drive anywhere once we check in. In the past we've stayed at the Adolphus & the Anatole. Where would you stay/eat? Has...
  18. zoohouse3

    Wilsonart SSV counters

    We have WilsonArt SSV counters that were installed when the house was built 11 1/2 years ago. We have 2 fairly large cracks and of course it's all out of warranty. Is there anyone in the area that can repair these (if they CAN be repaired)?
  19. zoohouse3

    Tell me about Boston and surrounding towns

    My husband has an interview at a company in Medford, Mass, NW of Boston. We've looked online at homes, and once we got over the shock of the prices and style, decided that if he was offered a job, he would seriously consider moving. The rest of us are ok with moving, although the culture shock...
  20. zoohouse3

    Please help find these children!!! My boss's ex-wife did not return his children after their visitation last week. She only could see them Thursday...